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So, Internet, how are YOU doing? Me? Oh, I'm fine, I guess. Not much going on, really. Hmm, wait a second. When did we talk last? Did I mention that I became a mother a month ago? And quite suddenly? No, not like, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant!, though how awesome would that be? My husband and I adopted a baby girl from Texas! Where I used to live. Seriously, we traveled there and stayed one block from my old apartment. We had our last dinner as non-parents at the restaurant where we had our first date. Life is crazy, man. Subsequently, I am also crazy. Parenthood is crazy. Babies are crazy. She was three months old the day we "took possession" (yes, that is really what they call it), and let me tell you, having an Instant Baby is the craziest thing of all time. We were shocked to get the call and completely unprepared. We like to live dangerously, I guess. Anyway, that is what I have been up to, and I appreciate the awesome Lulu Bates for the superb back-up. My only complaint is that y'all let Nicolas get sent home while I wasn't looking. I know you all hated him, but I will forever hold a torch for the Feather Prince.

Things are getting tense among the remaining ladies of the runway. Irina apparently accused Althea last week of copying her giant sweater design -- though I watched it and initially they made it look like Althea was accusing Logan of copying her zipper thing? Apparently it was both. Listen, Irina is talented, for sure, but has she forgotten something? Like, if she wins this bullshit she'll have to possibly work with people who watched it? Why doesn't anyone ever think about that? I can't stand her and was so disturbed in that past episode where it appeared she was using her vile influence on Althea, making her equally vile. That seems to have worn off, now, and Irina instead has turned her thinning-the-herd laser on Gordana, which pains me most of all. The morning of the challenge, the four remaining women are hanging out in their room and, without even getting out of bed, Irina uses her Machiavellian wiles to cause Gordana to snap at Carol Hannah. "I'm really competitive," Irina says in an interview, "and I always say that I won't say anything behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face... and I guess people would just rather I say it behind your back." No, child. They would rather you NOT SAY IT. At all! As in: why don't you just shut up? People of the television and the surrounding world, please heed my wisdom on this: defending your bitchassness by saying "that's just how I am" does not make it okay.

In his room, Christopher stands alone. I have no idea how this has ended up being the case. He certainly has a great deal of natural ability and desire to succeed, but... Christopher? Instead of, say, Nicolas? I mean, just for example. He says in an interview that he had assumed Nicolas and Ra'Mon would both be there at the end. "It's getting a little lonely in the boys' room," he says.

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