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Previously: The designers had to create looks for the Lord & Taylor challenge. Patricia and Stanley butted heads a little bit in the beginning. Patricia said that Stanley "looked like the asshole" and I wonder if she meant that he looked like an actual hole of the ass. I could see Patricia saying that. Daniel and Michelle got into a very weird argument and, though he's not the best at expressing himself in a concise and effective way, I'm glad that it's out in the open that at least someone is going to push back against Michelle's shitty shitty behavior. She's kind of a bully. That said, she won the challenge. Richard and Samantha were in the bottom and Samantha had to go home.

It's very early in the morning at the Atlas Building and Layana is whining to Michelle about how she thinks that it was so unfair that Samantha had to go home, because Richard had been in the bottom three times in a row and Samantha hadn't. That doesn't really matter as much because these are team challenges but whatever, I don't expect her to make reasonable points anyway, just like I don't expect her to have the sense not to sit in a cloche hat in her apartment at 5:30 am in the morning. Michelle, who is wolfing down some cereal, in the dainty way that you would expect from such a beam of sunshine, agrees with Layana. She interviews that Samantha's was the worst garment on the runway, but she would have shown a cooler collection that Richard would. You just don't really know that. She says that, if Richard makes it to Fashion Week, he will be showing twelve jersey dresses. Just like I'm sure Michelle will have at least three Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation jackets in her collection.

Layana whines some more about how she hopes that the judges mix up the teams. She doesn't want to work with Richard again. She thinks that the judges should make the teams girls against boys, because then she thinks that the judges would see who deserved to be there. OK, perhaps I'm not remembering something but I'm pretty sure that the only challenge that Layana actually hit out of the park without a lot of help from someone else was the flower/hardware challenge. She did a nice job there, but she's ridiculous to not consider how much help she has gotten from others. I mean, we actually saw her go to another team and ask for help once. I promise you that I know this isn't about me, but I wish someone with my temperament was on this season. I could shut all of this down. It would be ugly, but you would like it. Michelle says that, if the boys were to work together, it would be all about their egos. She must be just searching for something to say, because there has been absolutely zero evidence that that would be the case. In fact, Richard and Daniel have been two of the people that have suffered most frequently from moments of total self-doubt. I feel like that's the same as talking about a group of girls working together and being like, "Uh oh, Mee-Ow." It's lazy and tired. That's really sort of the problem I have with Michelle in a nutshell. There may be some skill to her, but she thinks she is way cooler than she actually is. People just happen to believe her for the time being. [Ed. Note: Also, both Michelle and Layana have repeatedly been down on Patricia's style, so a girls vs. boys team would still give them cause to bitch.] Meanwhile, Stanley says to Daniel that it's time for a change.

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