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Previously: The challenge was to create a design for a fashion icon, Barbie. Marla's deficits as a fashion technician came to light. Lupe and Kara had an aimless argument. Daniel Franco was almost unable to finish his design before the runway show. Raymundo's design was deemed unoriginal, for it resembled the pre-existing regional bestseller Barefoot Appalachian Li'l Abner Barbie, and he was eliminated. Nick's Barbie design won the challenge. After the snipping, twelve designers are left!

Morning at the Atlas apartments. Nick interviews that he is very excited about having won the Barbie challenge. We see Santino lounging in bed as he tells Nick that he lost the challenge because he helped Nick. Then we see a small clip of Santino speaking to Nick and pointing at his design. Santino interviews that he will "think twice" about helping Nick again, because he is unhappy that he did not win the challenge. Back in bed, we see Santino say, "Second place is not fucking good enough." Actually, Santino, until the final week, second place is great. In fact, more this season than last, winning doesn't seem to matter that much. There is no immunity from elimination for winners of challenges. So, not a lot is gained from winning a challenge, unless you're having a huge problem with your model and want to trade her, or you're dying to have your face on a Barbie box…and I think we've found our answer. Santino quite possibly was dying to have his face on a Barbie box. This is the second week in a row, though, that he has thrown a little tantrum over not winning the challenge. I'm guessing that "likable" is not a goal of Santino's. You can't blame the guy for wanting to win, but it's so ugly when he acts like this.

Diana says that she is excited to receive the challenge that day, because it's "kind of like I'm living in a book." I think I just heard my heart breaking. That's one of the dorkiest, sweetest, most earnest things I've heard said on this show. It's probably not that big of a deal, but it really endears me to her. Most likely, Diana will not be the winner of Project Runway, but right now, I think I wish that she would be.

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