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Previously: The designers were challenged to be inspired by one of the four elements. Ben was a disaster from the get-go. Amy made this hair-filled piece that was a not appreciated. Ben tearfully exited.

It's a bouncily edited morning at the Atlas Building. Amy says that it's time for her to get back in the game. She has been off for the last couple of challenges. So says she. I know that her hair suit was a mess, but I still admire her for having the crazy balls to even think of it. Mila and Maya are having hair-ironing time. Mila, bless her heart, resembles a desiccated version of that woman from the "Father Figure" video. All severe hair and stern face. Guys, we've found a theme for the season in George Michael videos! Praise be. Mila says that it's time for her to redeem herself. Maya replies that she finally would like to win a challenge. She interviews that she's jealous that she hasn't won a challenge. Also, I'm realizing that the model from the "Father Figure" video is the meeting point of Maya and Mila. Everyone has won a challenge but her.

At the runway, Heidi shows off her math prowess and announces that HALF of the designer have been eliminated. Sounds like someone's plotting a move to Blue's Clues. I don't know why I lashed out at Heidi like that. She says that, for this challenge, they want the designers to get into a "New York state of mind." They're designing for Billy Joel! Awesome. I recommend a breathalizer holster. Tim will give them the details. Anthony is the poor stooge who they make ponder what Heidi's clue could mean. He's awesome. He says that, well, he doesn't know what she means. So, he'll just wait to find out from Tim before filling his mind with unnecessary thoughts. Take that.

In the workroom, Tim greets the designers and is joined by teddy bear, Collier Strong. Tim explains that the designers will be using New York City as a point of departure for this challenge. "Yes!" exclaims Mila in a kiss-assy sort of way. "Yes," says Tim. And, they will be sent out into the city. This gets everyone excited, because they'll be free, for a short time at least, of the ankle weights and electric fences used by the production team of Project Runway. They will be going to one of four neighborhoods that have been selected for their cultural significance and their impact on fashion. The neighborhoods are Chinatown, East Village, Upper East Side and Harlem. Emilio hoots. He interviews that he really should win this challenge because he's from New York. If he doesn't win, it will be a real disappointment for him and his "people."

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