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Team Hip Replacement is on the grill now. Zac tells Samantha that it looks like she's going to beat up the judges. Well, no one likes to lose Zac. One of the dude's pants start popping open by themselves and Nina seriously loses it. She can't stop laughing. They hate everything, though they say that Samantha's look sucks the least. Amanda says she's sorry that they embarrassed the guys because they were great to work with. Heidi gives a silent thumbs down. She asks who should be eliminated. Samantha says that Amanda was the weakest. Richard agrees. Amanda says that Richard was difficult to work with. Richard says that it's bullshit. He says that Amanda and Layana were against him. Then, Layana pipes in and says that Richard should be eliminated because he has been inconsistent in the competition and he makes too many excuses. Wow. I kind of respect her for that. Then, Richard calls her on getting help from Stanley on her jacket. Obviously, he didn't help her much, because the jacket is a disaster. She loses me in the end though because she says that Richard should know how to tailor because he's a man. That's stupid. Just because you wear clothes doesn't mean you know how to make them.

While the judges are conferring, Richard tells everyone backstage that Amanda dragged him through the mud. She says that it wasn't her intention and he cuts her off with a passive aggressive statement about how they are all out for themselves on the runway and it's all good. It's obviously not all good. She starts crying and says that she honestly thought that she was being constructive and she's not that kind of person. He hugs her, but I feel like he just made her cry and that's not very nice. Also, Layana was the one who said the worst stuff about him.

Heidi tells Emmy that the designers are usually much better. They hated Layana's jacket. Emmy agrees with me about the guy's shirt making him look fat. Zac thinks it's sad that Richard doesn't know how to make shirts. Nina feels sorry for Richard that the girls on his team ganged up on him. They think all of the pants were bad. In fact, Richard's shirts would have looked better had they been tucked in, but they couldn't tuck them in because of the pants. They thought that Patricia's shirt looked like arts and crafts. They didn't like that Daniel's coat didn't have a belt. Heidi says that his thunder may have been so big that he needed the room, which starts Nina and Zac giggling some more. Heidi wonders if they even have a winner this week.

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