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On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She jokes again that this challenge is one of her favorites. She introduces Zac, Nina and guest judge Emmy Rossum. The show begins with Samantha and Richard's look. Oh my God. First off all, the guy is super cheesy and does one of the Senior portrait hands to the chin thing. What an ass monkey. His shirt is a disaster. It's sleeveless and untucked and the collar looks like it was eaten and vomited. Over that he's wearing a black vest that is unremarkable. His pants fit though. His shirt, no lie, actually makes him look fat. These guys are definitely not fat.

The next look is even worse, An untucked shirt with a too short tie. The collar is insane. Guys, I can't stop laughing. Even Layana is laughing. Amanda looks like she knows that things are not going well for her. Richard and Amanda are responsible for this.

The next look is Layana and Richard's baby. It's an ugly baby. Oh God, it's a suit and the jacket is beyond a train wreck. It's like a planet wreck. Like if planets wrecked into each other. First of all, it looks like a woman's jacket which is just hysterical to see on a man as muscular as this guy. Also, the fit is so wrong. It's like an Escher drawing.

Afterwards, the guys dance and it's so dorky. It ends with them tearing off their clothes. They are left standing in boxers. Really? Zac says that this is like some weird dream. Indeed. Nina giggles.

Team Slim Shady is next and begins with Daniel and Patricia's look. The trench is not horrible. It's black, so it loses some of its flasher connotations. The pants are too baggy though, which Richard notices. You can't even see Patricia's shirt. Stanley's suit is next and it isn't bad. Stanley thinks it's sloppy, but way better than the other team. Michelle's look is last and it's not horrible either. The vest is too short but the pants fit nicely. Patricia thinks that it's a shame that they put full pockets on such a nice butt. Afterwards, they dance and they can't get their clothes to rip off! The judges laugh so much.

After the show, Heidi says that they all sucked. She says that they should all be eliminated. Team Oil Slick is the losing team. The judges talk to Team Grey Lady first. Heidi thinks Daniel's trench is boring and she says that Patricia's shirt looks like a pot holder that she has at home. I'm sure Heidi cooks a lot and really has had a lot of time to look at that pot holder. Nina thinks that the whole thing is boring. Patricia says that they felt like they had to stick to an office story. Nina thinks that the trench looks like a hair salon smock. Ouch. Nina doesn't hate Michelle's vest. She has this hanky on the outside of the vest and the intention is that the dancer would give it to some lucky boy in the audience each evening. The dancer says that is a good idea and he would actually do something like that. Afterwards, backstage, Michelle is sulking and she interviews that she should have put her foot down about making something that wasn't boring.

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