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Team Slip and Slide is still not really getting along. Samantha and Amanda are discussing something in front of Richard and Amanda asks him if he agrees and he asks what they are talking about. Amanda "jokes" that she has a frequency of voice that Richard can't hear. Well done. Richard just says that he is preoccupied because he has so much going on. Then, he interviews that she should play nice. I feel like Richard is reacting to stuff in his head. Meaning, I feel like he is in fact not listening to her because he's getting increasingly stressed out and nervous and defensive, then even more defensive when Amanda reacted.

Michelle says that Stanley is really far behind, but apparently sometimes he doesn't sew until the day of the show and he has made a lot of beautiful stuff, so maybe this will be fine. Meanwhile, Patricia has only worked on her shirt and even Daniel is a little annoyed by it. Also, Richard has only made one shirt and he needs to make more. Layana is worried.

The next day, the guys are getting ready and Richard is wearing a hat that looks like a magnet that has been dragged through a scrap metal place. A place where they keep scrap metal. Michelle, who we have heard ENTIRELY too much from this episode, nay this season, says that this entire challenge has been a nightmare. Of course, she also adds that Patricia spent the who challenge working on one shirt.

Back in the workroom, everyone scrambles to finish. The models come in for their final fitting. Daniel says that Michelle's vest looks like the Lollipop Guild from The Wizard of Oz. Heh. Layana has to recut her sleeve because dude went to the gym to get properly shredded before the show.

In make-up, the guys mostly just get lotioned up. Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, who in my opinion demolishes the competition, introduces his assistants to the Thunders. These guys must be really intimidating, because there is more giggling. Everyone giggles except for Scott Patric. He's seen it all before. Back in the workroom, Layana is flirting with one of the guys. Layana, though she's starting to grate, is really attractive. She could totally pull one of these guys if she wanted. Michelle screws up one of Stanley's shirts by hot-gluing the velcro instead of sewing it, thus creating a situation where the velcro just comes off the shirt. Amanda's pants don't fit. They find out like two minutes before the runway show. These guys must have done some carb loading the night before.

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