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Tim comes in to consult and notes that the room is very quiet. Team Slick and Hip says they are trying to make clothes for an Australian George Clooney who takes his clothes off. So Naomi Watts? I don't think that's gonna sell. Tim criticizes Layana's coat and Richard nods as if he'd told her to correct something. He didn't. That's shitty. He's trying to gaslight Layana! I can't say that I disapprove, but it's shitty. Anyway, they are all over the place and Layana is already not great at talking. Her content isn't bad but her delivery always seems like she doesn't really know what she is talking about. Tim says that it doesn't seem like the four of them are working together. He's worried about them. They seem really scattered right now and Tim says that he noticed there was a problem as early as Mood. This does not bode well for these guys and they know it.

Tim moves over to Team Meredith Grey and things don't seem all that much better. Michelle's vest is very mannered. She has all of these buttons on the front and she says that she added them for a steam punk effect, but Tim thinks that it looks less modern with all them buttons. Stanley says that he is making a traditional suit. Tim thinks that Daniel's trench looks like a clergyman's coat. Overall, he says that they should be proud of their progress.

After Tim is gone, Layana says that she is worried about her jacket, so she asks Stanley for direction. Everyone notices and doesn't find it exactly kosher. The models come in for their fitting and everybody is freaking out again. I guess this really isn't my thing. I'm sure they are all very healthy and that's nice and all, but I don't find it all that attractive. Except, I bet they would be great at yard work. Or helping people over a wall if there wasn't a ladder. Michelle tells a dude that she never made clothes for a man as buff as him. It sounds like she's about to cry. Amanda tells her guy that it's better to be too big than too small and I'm not sure why she's lying. Either she's about to pass out or she finds him disgusting. There are so many layers. Layana asks her model if he thinks she should lower something and he says that he trusts her judgment. She tells him that he shouldn't trust her judgment when it comes to menswear. She interviews that she was hypnotized by the Thunders's accents. Then, they leave and one guy isn't wearing pants. I wonder if he even realizes it at this point.

Michelle thinks that she might get in trouble for all of the kisses she just got. In this shot, Daniel is directly behind her. If you have a moment and the inclination, find this moment and pause it. She and Daniel have the exact same hair and eyebrows. Maybe the same ears? It's remarkable is all I'm saying. Pointing this out is the service that I provide for you. Daniel tells Michelle about what he's going to move some sort of seam to help make the crotch of some pants. Michelle insists that he do that because she wants the crotch to look good. She's really going overboard with all of this.

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