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Michelle says she doesn't want to use traditional suiting fabric. She wants to do something loud. Stanley is still against it and she says that she would rather do something big and go home than be safe and go home. He just tells her that it's her call. I like the way that he handled that. But, man, is he humorless. Stanley is not a friend of laughter.

Has a Mood trip ever been this complicated? Richard and Amanda disagree on which color they had agreed was their primary color. How does that happen? Somebody doesn't want to hear the answers they are being given. Tim calls out into the room that he smells chaos. Well, that's no help.

Finally, they get back to the workroom. Tim reminds everyone that some of the worst work that has walked the runway was menswear. Team Slick and Hip divides up the work. There is definitely tension in the air. Team Shades of Grey splits stuff up as well. S&H overrides Richard and decides that they want to go with something classic and manly. The use of that word bothers me a little bit, as if Richard is incapable of providing that. He seems really defensive though. He and Amanda have a moment where they are exchanging tense words. It doesn't explode or anything, but they are definitely uncomfortable. Amanda interviews that she gets a lot of attitude from Richard.

Richard says that he is feeling on edge because he is used to be surrounded by supportive people. Then, he gets to Skype with his buddy, Maneca. He starts crying and says that he is glad to see her. Wow, he's a mess. He interviews that being away from his friends and family has taken a toll on him. He says that he is going to work with things the best way that he can.

Back in the workroom, Amanda notices for the first time that there is a "penile bump" on the front of her mannequin. It doesn't sound like they have made as many concessions for the size of these guys as they should have. Stanley says that he took solid measurements (not ulterior motive there or anything, just a friendly game of grab ass), but no one else seems as concerned. Amanda and Michelle joke about the dancers and someone reminds Michelle that she's a married woman. She says that you can look but you can't touch, even though touching is sort of her job.

Layana doesn't know what she's doing with her man's jacket. She has never made one before. Michelle rides Patricia for only making a shirt while the rest of them are making three pieces or more. Then, she says that she's considering making some tear-away pants for her husband like the ones she is making now. Stanley smiles at this. ATTENTION: Stanley SMILES.

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