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The other team is Team Slick and Hip. Looks like they are storing up their creative energy for their designs instead of their name. Well done. Some of the dudes give them pointers about how to make tear-away clothing, for which Amanda is very grateful. We see them taking measurements. Stanley says that he made tear-away clothes for a commercial recently so this is all still in his head. He's going to make a suit. Daniel, who emphasizes things in such a way that I feel like he's giving me a hint about something on a children's show -- seriously, that's the only way I can think to describe it right now, says that he's making a trench coat. Well, that doesn't sound creepy at all. Maybe if it was a Singin' In The Rain kind of ensemble. That didn't sound gay at all. I'm really great at this. Michelle says that it's going to take a lot of fabric to wrap around the biceps of the clients and she's glad that the teams have a budget of $750 each. I know that I expect to see only the finest of silks and brocades on these slabs of beef.

Richard has a band-aid behind his ear. He tells his team an idea about black crystal buttons. Samantha says that, if Richard had his way, the designs would all channel RuPaul and Prince. Well, now, I don't know if that's fair. Samantha says aloud that they don't want it to be gaudy. Seriously, is anyone aware of what this challenge is for? It's Australian dancers in VEGAS. Then, Richard proposes an idea where a shirt is ripped off and the collar remains. Maybe Samantha is right. That sounds horrible. Amanda nicely interviews that Richard's aesthetic seems dated. That said, he sounds like the only person who is offering a plan. The others are just editing his ideas. Pet peeve of the world: people who deconstruct the work of others without considering the rigors of creating the thing in the first place. Granted, Richard's ideas here are just horrible and I can't really see a woman finding them very sexy, but was that really presented as a requirement? Richard is feeling a divide in the team, though it's really just him just being excluded.

When they get to Mood, Richard still tries to lead. Maybe this is a communication problem, but I don't see anyone else taking initiative at all. Amanda says that Richard's aesthetic goes "a little Vegas-y." She doesn't even realize that's ridiculous as a criticism when the show is, in fact, IN VEGAS. I wish they would be honest with him, because there's a lot of passive aggression floating around and hurt feelings are mounting and you can see it happening. Richard even starts to complain to Tim, but he stops himself.

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