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The show begins with Daniel's look. It's a floor-length gown with a thigh-high slit. The color is a sort of tawny color that is really beautiful. The bodice is a halter, with black leather serving as the straps. Daniel thanks Patricia again for the leather as it makes its way down the runway. This is really beautiful. Patricia tells him that is a tough act to follow, but she does it anyway. Her dress is up and it's a short dress with a skin-tone color. You don't see much of that fabric though. What you do see is her leather mesh. It's pink and super delicate at the top, then there are like gold medallions at the bottom. It's so unique. I freaking love this dress. What a weirdo. I love Patricia. She's excited that no one else will have what is in her look.

Joe and Amanda are up next. It's a short fitted dress. Along the center of the garment and on the shoulders is this textile that is gray with bars of black criss-crossing along it. Very modern. Joe is happy with the dress. Amanda thinks it looks really good too. We'll take this time to comment on how freaking cute Zac looks for this show. He's wearing a little kerchief tie with a pink shirt and red velvet jacket. Wipe that always vaguely smelling shit look off of his face and he would be the cutest boy on Seventh Ave.

Richard's look is next. What is happening? Y'all, I have no freaking clue what he was thinking. He has this sequin fabric (that I think Ivy used once during the last All-Stars season -- the '20s challenge?) and he has cut it on the bias, then attached below the knee a panel that is cut differently. That's ugly. Also, he has a HUGE ruffle of black on the backside. It's out of control. He says that he wants to gag when he sees the dress. I mean, how far this guy just fell. It's a disaster. Michelle says, out loud, that it looks like she has a tail. Luckily, I don't think he can hear her. He thinks that his girl looks like an exotic chicken. Really, I'm not even sure you could say this is exotic.

Layana and Kate's dress is next and it is hella sexy. It's a long flowing black skirt with a super-structured corset. The pink is covered with black chiffon, so nothing looks that girly, stupid Layana. Kate is incredibly happy with it and says that it came out just like she wanted. Kate says that she's tearing up, she's so excited.

Stanley's dress is next. It's gold sequins and short. At the bust there's back silk that makes one shoulder. Then, there's a long panel of black hanging on that shoulder. He likes the dress, but wishes he hadn't styled the girl with what looks like legit six giant gold chains. It's out of control. Samantha thinks that Dream Team will triumph.

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