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Kate explains her look and then Layana freaks out and says to everyone that she hates the pink they are using. Now, we know that she didn't really want pink to begin, but this is a really shady way of trying to get consensus on your side. Tim tells her that the pink they are using is very similar to the one on the Surprise box. Layana keeps complaining about how she's worried. Kate interviews that she should keep it to herself, and then points out that Layana has immunity so she's the one who should actually be worried. Tim asks if they already had their concept for the dress at Mood and Layana concedes that they did. I think he wants her to shut up now. Basically, she's just trying to trash Kate's idea because she had a different one. Kate points out that most of the pink is going to be covered by black chiffon. Ya dumb bitch.

Tim leaves them and tells them to use their teams. Stanley says that it takes a village to make a dress, which really is just not true. Someone remarks that helping others is good karma and Amanda cracks that she thinks she left her karma at home.

Daniel realizes that he forgot to buy a contrasting fabric for his look. He sees some leather on Patricia's work station that would be perfect, so he steals it. Kidding! He asks her for it and she generously donates to his design. He says that he gave her a hug and a kiss and she saved his design.

The models come in for their fitting. Cindy is happy with how her dress looks on her girl, Gina. Gina's really encouraging to Cindy, which I think is really sweet. Benjamin still doesn't even have enough done to put anything really on his model. Richard's model says that she's going to want to buy his dress. Matt thinks that Team Keeping It Real is getting a little cocky and pride cometh before the fall. He thinks that this would be a great time for Dream Team to snatch a victory. That said, Samantha is worried because this is the first time that she didn't have something to fit onto her model.

Later, Cindy is at a sewing machine and says to herself that this is harder than it looks on TV. Benjamin, Amanda and Michelle are eating together. Benjamin says that he's eating his pain. He's so sweet. He interviews that he has a lot of personal stuff flowing through his brain that is making it difficult for him to concentrate. He was in an emotionally abusive relationship. It affected his personal relationships and his career. It has taken a long time for him to build himself up as a person and as a designer. At this point, he starts crying and it's heartbreaking. It also makes me love him. Jesus, I have a problem. This is just like Keith in Season 5. I find him so attractive now that he's bawling. Seriously, I love him now. I love him. I'm gross. Anyway, he feels validated from being accepted onto Project Runway but some self-doubt is still sneaking in.

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