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Tim comes in for his consultation and begins with Dream Team. He asks Benjamin how comfortable he is. He says that he likes his design but he is not as far along with the construction as he would like. Eek. Cracks are beginning to show. He interviews that his confidence was shaken by his performance in the last challenge. He plans on doing this pink goddess thing with gold metallic straps wrapping around the bodice. Tim thinks that it should look like it's one long piece of fabric. Matt is worried about the metallic fabric, but thinks that it could have a moment on the runway if executed correctly. There's not much on the mannequin at this point and Cindy points out that it makes it difficult for Tim to offer any help. Benjamin notices that Tim is looking at him like he's thinking that he has a lot of work to do. He agrees with Tim. Matt says that he heard "bondage" when Heidi was describing the challenge, so that is what his inspiration is. He's doing a strapless dress with a faux collar, which seems like a big no. Also, he says that he is feeling that his dress is too matronly. Tim says that he senses despair in Matt. He says that he just feels that his look is boring. He wants it to look sexy without looking "ho." I have that same debate with myself every morning in the mirror, though ho wins nine days out of eight. Tim tells him to go with the S&M angle, though through a fashion lens instead of a "sexual deviant" lens. Well, someone's revealing themselves to not be very GGG. My sympathies to all of the PR-loving sadists and masochists out there.

Cindy presents her look and Tim tells her that there is not enough skin showing. Also, he thinks that, instead of different fabric for the sleeves, it should all be the same fabric. Michelle says that Cindy is her own worst enemy. She has no idea why she chose the color or the fabric that she chose. The one bright spot that we see on their team is Michelle. Tim says that he's crazy about her idea.

Team Keeping It Real starts with Joe and Amanda. Tim says that he gets what they are doing and he approves. Before Patricia even begins, he tells her to explain her idea in 100 words or less. Heh. Everyone laughs because she apparently never shuts up. Tim finds her leather mesh incredibly ambitious. The rest of the team wonders if she has enough time to finish. She says she does because the whole look isn't going to be covered in the mesh. Daniel thinks it might look unfinished in that case, but she is confident about what she has in mind. Tim seems really impressed. Richard explains that he's using a little bit of ruffle on the rump for his look and Layana jokes that it may be too Dancing with the Stars. He replies with, "Watch it!" Then, he laughs. Tricky bastards. They showed him saying that as a reply to Cindy complaining to Benjamin about being micromanaged so we'd think some big fights happened. Kate says that Daniel is a very strong player, but she is worried because he is not using silk for Heidi's dress and she believes that Heidi should wear only silk. Well, OK. That's a way of thinking.

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