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Back at the workroom, Joe and Amanda still have not finalized their idea yet. Amanda is freaking out. Cindy is trying to decide between two different pink fabrics and Benjamin nixes one of them because it looks like Madonna's "Material Girl" dress. Cindy says that she trusts him, so she's going to go with his choice. Matt is doing a tube dress because he can't get the shape out of his mind. But he thinks it's going to bite him in the ass. Kate is afraid that Layana might be getting too comfortable, since she has immunity for this challenge.

Joe and Amanda are STILL in the decision-making phase. Richard tells Joe that his sketch is one step away from making Heidi a server. That's not helpful, but it's teamwork, I guess. They are very conscious of their differences though and I still say that's a good thing. Richard makes an esoteric comment that they should make something that ends up on the Best Dressed list as opposed to the What Not To Wear list. Well, obviously. Now, I really like Richard, but I put that comment in the category of "Creating Problems So That You Can Solve Them" in the Things People Do That Make Me Crazy File. My go-to example of that category is the following convo:

Hey, so, I'm going to have to ask you to not hit me in the face.

Hit you in the face? That's crazy! I would never do that.

I'm glad I said something and cleared that up.

Anyway, Joe says that he actually likes making stuff that would be picked out for a What Not To Wear list. Ugh, I get what he's saying but this is not the moment for that. Amanda, who is truly such a good sport, says that she respects Joe's desire to be really avant-garde but she's just going to do her best to reel him in for this challenge.

Patricia is cutting out a lot of little squares of fabric. Like, a lot of them. She says that the danger of creating your own fabric is that you might not be able to finish it exactly like you wanted. She wonders if maybe she bit off more than she can chew. Benjamin, meanwhile, hasn't really even begun. Samantha mentions this and he says that she doesn't need to worry about him. He laughs and says that he has got in under control. Famous last words. Stanley is in love with the fabric that he bought for the challenge. He has this gold shiny fabric that really is something. He says that it's going to pop on the runway. Joe finally comes up with a textile concept that Amanda loves. This is perfect! The shape will be hers and the textile will be his.

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