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Back at Dream Team, Benjamin says that he would prefer to make a look for the ad campaign. Fine. Michelle interviews that she and Matt are going to make the looks for the press event, while the rest will be making the ad campaign looks. Cindy describes her look, which includes a very plunging neckline. She interviews that this is sexier than anything she has made before, but it's what Heidi asked for. Benjamin describes his look, which includes a mix of chiffon and leather. Matt says that Benjamin has an incredible taste level and his sketch was beautiful. The sketch really is something. Matt can't wait to see the dress and neither can I. Before they head to Mood, Benjamin spritzes a little Surprise in the air for good luck. Nobody sneezes! That's such a good sign.

Michelle says that it might be to their benefit that they have fewer team members than Team Keeping It Real, because that means they don't have to work as teams. Not a bad point. Except, they are already teams. That's been the problem over there -- none of the stronger team members are helping anyone edit. I feel like I wish we had heard from Samantha more at this point. She seems like someone who could recognize when something is going wrong with a look. Amanda says that, on her team, Patricia and she and Joe are making the press looks. Everyone else is making the ad campaign looks. Kate has sketched a floor-length look with a black corset. She proposes to Layana that they match a blush pink fabric with the corset. Layana wants gold and black because she thinks that the pink is too cutesy. Joe and Amanda are having a little bit of a conflict as well. They have both made sketches and Amanda tells Joe that she thinks his silhouette might be a little too loose, as she is used to seeing Heidi in form-fitting and sexy garments. Joe is more interested in interesting textiles, and then draping to find the shape. There's totally a middle ground to be found here and the fact that they are talking so openly and non-defensively about their differences is a really good sign that they will find it.

At Mood, Patricia looks for stuff to make her own leather mesh -- little squares of leather laying on top of a skin-toned fabric. She says that it would read really well at a press event because no one has ever seen this sort of fabrication before. Not ever? In the history of fabrication? Not even once. That's a big claim. But, whatever, it does seem pretty unique. Daniel says that he got a Bond Girl feel from the storyboards that Heidi showed them. He's thinking low back and high leg and very special. Matt, meanwhile, is not having as easy a time making decisions. Tim asks him if he's lost on this challenge and he confirms that he is. He says that he's not a dress maker and Tim's just not having it. "It's Heidi," is his response. I mean, for real. Matt interviews that since Heidi is a gorgeous model and can wear anything, the expectation is that he should be able to nail this challenge. Joe is being wishy-washy about what he wants and it's really worrying Amanda. Layana and Kate spend more money than they have budgeted, but they manage to get the other team members to give it to them! Kate credits Layana's charms and I had no idea that she had this effect on the others.

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