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It's incredibly convenient that this challenge is happening right now because Heidi is getting ready for the launch of her new fragrance, Surprise. She says that Surprise is a very feminine and sensual scent, with notes of red pepper, mandarin and jasmine (that's one of the things I didn't recognize from that tray). She is going to do a big ad campaign for the launch and she's going to need something to wear, which is where the designers come in. Matt interviews that a celebrity wearing your garment can make your whole career. Yeah, maybe Michelle Obama at the Inauguration. Heidi Klum at a perfume launch event? I'm not so sure. Seriously, I'm not even sure, but it just doesn't seem likely that it would be a career-making event. Amanda says that the opportunity (however big it might be) is being handed to them.

Heidi says that there is one more thing... she's a little picky. This is the annoying part, but I have to say that Heidi's delivery right there was pretty funny. Tim laughs too. She says that each team will create four looks for her TV and print ad and two looks for her PR event. Tim asks if Heidi has any special "directives" for the challenge. I wish there were a little book of words that Tim Gunn likes to use. I mean, sure "directives" isn't the most unusual word I've ever heard, but it really belongs to La Gunn for the most part.

Anyway, Heidi does have some directives and they're in the pink box. That felt weird to write. So inside the box is the actual perfume packaging. It's pink with lines of black and gold through it. She calls that feminine but hard. Like Jessica Lange. She likes to look sexy but not slutty. Tim seems to find that a point that needs to be emphasized. She thinks that they should stay with the color palette of the perfume. Also, the ad dress should look good in the back as well as the front, because they have the storyboards for the ad and there are shots of her from behind. Lastly, she provides them with a book of pictures of Heidi by Rankin. That's so generous of her. He'll be shooting the ad as well. Benjamin interviews that he is pinching himself because he is being asked to design something that is exactly within his comfort zone. You know, Benjamin seems really sweet. Tim says that each team will have a half hour to sketch and consult. Then, each team will have $1200 to use at Mood and one day to finish the challenge. Heidi says to have fun and to surprise her, then Tim escorts her out of the room.

Dream Team starts and it looks like Michelle is taking a little bit of control this time. She tells everyone to sketch and then they will decide which look is appropriate for each event. Team Keeping It Real sits down and Daniel says that a couple of looks will need to be made by a pair of designers. Layana and Kate volunteer to work together as well as Joe and Amanda. Amanda is another one who I'm really beginning to like. There's something really authentic and cool about her. Layana says that their team is doing really well and is really good at listening to one another, so she thinks that they're going to win again.

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