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The designers leave the stage while the judges confer. They really loved how much of a statement Patricia's dress made. Zac thought that the corset work on the back of the Kate and Layana dress was too much, but Heidi likes that it was multi-dimensional that way. They loved the silhouette of Daniel's dress as well. Zac is very impressed with the leather work on the bodice of his dress. As for the losers, Nina thought that Matt went overboard with the sex. Heidi thought the fit was weird. They hated the iridescence of Cindy's fabric and Zac thinks that it was a perversion to use it. They were baffled by the lack of structure in Benjamin's look. Zac thinks that he was just trying to keep himself in the game with his excuses.

The designers return to the stage. Heidi tells Kate that she is the winner of the challenge! She starts crying again. She and Layana leave the runway. Kate interviews that she's so excited. They both go backstage and get hugged. Daniel is also the winner! She is going to wear it to the press event. He tearfully interviews that he came from nothing and he is something. "Look what I've done?" Shit, that's powerful stuff. Amanda hugs him backstage and tells him that he deserves it so much. Patricia is in. Matt is in.

So, it's down to Cindy and Benjamin. Cindy is... out. Benjamin leaves the runway. Heidi wishes Cindy the best and kisses her. She interviews tearfully that she is so grateful for this experience. Everyone is hugging her backstage. She thanks the show in her interview for the agonizing and amazing experience. Tim comes backstage and says he's not ready to say goodbye. She tells him that he changed her life and it's because of him that she's a fashion designer. OH MY GOD. I don't expect to cry this much during one damn episode of Project Runway. He hugs her and tells her that she is now. She is a fashion designer. Michelle interviews that she is sad to see Cindy go and thinks that she is amazingly talented. Cindy interviews that she has great plans. You know, she is a great example of how important it is to always stay curious and to follow that curiosity.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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