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Previously: Dream Team lost again. Layana won the challenge and immunity in the next challenge. The bottom two were Cindy and James and it was James that was sent home.

It's morning at the Atlas Apartments and Michelle is trying to bolster Cindy's spirits, but it doesn't seem to be working. She interviews that if Dream Team loses again, she is going to need some sort of happy drug. Perhaps this is a cry for help. Stanley and Daniel are talking about who they consider the weak links on their group. Daniel says that Patricia, Joe and Kate seem weak to him. Stanley agrees that Kate needs better ideas. He interviews that her clothes are staid and old and she needs to, as they say, step it up. I have to say that I think it's a mistake to think of Patricia as a weak link. She's a little awkward socially, therefore she's not great at explaining herself or being a team player, but, as others have said, sometimes that weirdness goes hand in hand with genius. I think Patricia might be a little touched -- in a good way.

Meanwhile, in one of the girl apartments, Kate is defending herself, almost as if she knew that Daniel and Stanley were talking about her. She tells Samantha that people may think that she's weak, but she's a fighter. Also, she interviews that she has been playing nice but now she's ready to throw down. Seriously? What were you waiting for? "It's fight or die," she says to her reflection as she's brushing her hair in the mirror.

The make their way to Parsons, where they are greeted by Tim in the workroom. There is a pink box with black ribbon at each work station, as well as a tray with bowls of different things. There are some rose petals, red peppercorns and citrus, and some other stuff that I don't exactly recognize. Benjamin is not sure what the challenge could be. Tim says that, for this challenge, they will be working with a very important client. This client has a lot of strong opinions about what she likes to wear...

...And, then, to much fanfare, we have the entrance of one Mrs. Heidi Klum Formerly Seal. Great. I'm not that big of a fan of the challenges where they work with one of the judges. I find that they sort of go out of their way to be difficult and it's not cute. Everyone seems excited though about the prospect of designing for Heidi. Daniel, for one, seems really just flabbergasted. He should watch the show some time. It's not that unusual for this to happen. She comes up to Tim and administer the Euro double-cheek kiss, but she makes contact on the first cheek and Tim is like super sure that she only gets air on the second cheek. Maybe he has a cold and doesn't want to give it to her?

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