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Previously: The designers created a dress for Lord & Taylor to sell. Sonjia had tons of problems and Gunnar loved the challenge, but come judgment time Gunnar was one of the low scorers. He and Alicia were in the bottom, but the judges decided that all of them met the bar and no one was eliminated.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Sonjia is ironing her clothes as we hear her interview that she's trying to get her head back in the game after her disastrous previous performance. She totally pulled a Frances Farmer in the workroom right before the runway show. It was actually a little glamorous.

In the boys' apartment, Fabio is drinking some sort of mugged beverage (I'm assuming green tea, perhaps hojicha, he's just sensitive like that) and looking so cute. I mean, come on. The thing that is so freaking rad to me about Fabio is how his look is layered in a way that only a lifetime of being a complete badass can accomplish. The beard, the tattoos, the articles of clothing picked up from different places along the way. All put together to create something so unique but organic. You're always going to notice a dude like Fabio walk in the room but you're never going to hate him for trying too hard. Like, I'm seriously not even trying to bag on him, but Christopher's oversized scarf always looks out of place and a little forced to me. It doesn't match something... his hair, the rest of his look. It's too grand dame while the rest of him is sort of casual edgy. I don't know. Fabio's dreamy is all I really trying to say.

Gunnar says that he's psyched that he gets to find out what they are doing today, in reference to his placement at the bottom of the judging of the last challenge. He interviews that, obviously, he had a moment there where he thought he was going home he's still here. Christopher is not feeling so positive about the experience. In the other boy apartment, he says to Ven that he wanted Nathan to stay. He interviews that he doesn't like that the judges chose that challenge to keep everyone. "This is what they keep? Gunnar?" He and Ven agree with themselves that Gunnar's somehow lacking in talent. I mean, I haven't really seen that. They keep talking about his inferior construction skills, but it would seem to me that he wouldn't be able to get such an awesome fit on his model time after time if he was really that bad. Maybe they just think he doesn't run the sewing machines as well as they do? I don't know, but his stuff looks good on the tube. "I'm so furious right now. Someone should have fucking went home." OK, he needs to calm down.

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