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Hair and make-up happens. There's Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy, doing his thang. Stanley ends up decided to make an adjustment to his look right before Tim walks in. In fact, he takes it off the sewing machine and hands it to the model to put on as they're walking to the runway. He doesn't even have time to check the results.

Heidi meets the designers on the runway and she has a messy hair thing going on and I really like it. She tells Daniel that he looks really cute with the heart that is on his sweater vest. It's kind of Frida Kahlo. I like it too. She reminds Daniel that he has immunity since he won the last challenge. She introduces Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and says that there is a special guest judge. Who could it be? You know it's some Susan Sarandon, who enters from behind the scrim looking yummy in Diane Von Furstenberg. If it's not DVF, she should sue for copycats. "Ain't she from Thelma and Louise?" asks Richard. Tu says that she has a big booty, but he gestures to the breast area. Susan's chest seems more likely to garner comments than her behind, so I'm just gonna guess that Tu misspoke there, or he just has his own language. Susan says hello and says that she knows it's a challenge to be stylish and practical at the same time, so she's curious to see what they all came up with.

We start the show with Dream Team. First up is Michelle's look, which is adorable. It's this modern, sort of shapeless dress in a dark brown. It's sleeveless with a round, sculptural collar. It's cinched at the waist and has pockets. It's sexy and young without being revealing. Samantha and Tu's look is next. It's a black dress and a gray vest over it. The vest is super fitted with a zipper on the front. Samantha made that part. There's a round cut-out on the back, representing the ping-pong ball. There is some sheer action on the front of the dress that peeks out over the top of the zipper. The metal of the zipper and the sheer fabric don't seem to go together to me and it makes it seem as if these pieces shouldn't really be companions. They seem happy with it though and Tu, in particular, says that he feels very lucky to get to work with Samantha. James's look is next. It's a guy look and it is gray slacks that end just below the knee and a tank top of white with a block of gray. It's kind of tucked in to hide some construction flaws. The thing about guy clothes though is a proper male model has stuff that pokes out- shoulders, pecs, etc that make it kinda hot when it's body conscious. They don't look like clothes hangers. So, this look is probably made for shit but it's really tight, therefore, it's kinda hot. This dude's body's slamming.

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