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Then, James presents his look and says that it was inspired by a ping-pong table. Maybe a ping-pong table in a flooded basement. Tim declares it a disaster. His team members suggest that he ditch the top altogether. James's feelings are hurt and he wonders where all the hope is. Tim tells the team that they seem like they're in trouble.

Tim tells these bitches to make it work then leaves. There are only a couple of hours left in the day. Dream Team tries to figure out what their problems are. Benjamin kind of inserts himself into everyone else's design process and Michelle interviews that, at this point, it would probably make more sense for Benjamin to concentrate on himself. Tu thinks that he needs to change his dress because it doesn't go with the jacket that Samantha made. Matt decides that he is indeed making a kilt. We see him tell Stanley who gives him a high-five then interviews that it's inappropriate of Matt to make a kilt. How? It's a ping-pong palace. Are there any sorts of standard for that sort of thing yet? Just do what you want. Matt says to no one in particular that he had felt like he wasn't being himself and now he does.

The models come in for their fittings. A lot of Dream Team's stuff is not finished enough to go on the models. James's pants are long way from completion, as are Benjamin's shorts. Joe seems a little nervous around his hot male model and Layana interviews that a lot of times the quiet ones are the geniuses. After the fitting, Michelle tells Richard that she is ready for this challenge to be over. That night, at the Atlas Building, Dream Team is feeling shitty. Samantha says that they all get along but it doesn't show in their work. Benjamin feels like he made decisions for the right reasons, but they haven't served him or his team well. Michelle says that Dream Team is pooping the bed. She's done and wants OFF.

The next day, they are all jamming to get finished when Tim drops in to say hello. He tells the designers that they look fabulous and Samantha, who looks particularly scrumptious in this graphic multi-colored frock says that they were just trying to look as good as him. He laughs and says that they exceeded him. Aw, sweet Tim Gunn. Dream Team works together to at least finish everything and they feel good about that. You see poor Michelle have a moment where she's like, "I can help, buts. I can help." It must be scary to let your own look out of your head at this moment and just commit to working on someone else's stuff, but that's what the whole teamwork thing is about, I guess. Kate's not looking around Team Keeping It Real and she doesn't like anything that she sees. She thinks that Daniel and Layana's look belongs in a theme park. She feels like the ribbing in Stanley's look doesn't fit correctly. She thinks Amanda's black dress is far too little.

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