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Michelle remarks that Team Keeping It Real seems really cohesive as a team. They all have distinct points of view and are able to work together. She feels like their team is two or three steps behind. Cindy is getting more and more annoyed with Benjamin. She says that he is micromanaging her and she doesn't like it. She says to him that shopping with him was difficult because they have different aesthetics.

Back at the workroom, the groups continue to caucus. Richard tells us that he is not really a menswear designer, but he is going to go for it. In general, their team is pretty positive. Kate is excited to be working with Patricia, but Patricia is feeling she is hiding her design light under a bushel by having to make a simple black legging.

Dream Team has their team talk too. Matt says that his greatest fear is being generic. Benjamin has his fingers in a lot of pies, because he apparently thinks that he can save his team from being on the bottom by spreading his energy. Everyone feels like James is on his own planet.

Everybody gets to work. Layana is really enjoying working with Daniel, because he is so experienced. Daniel's all like, why wouldn't I help her? She is the weakest link after all. I don't think he means that to sound insulting. He teaches her some great time-saving techniques. He interviews that he loves Layana and would marry her if he was straight. Wait, he's not straight? Mind blown.

Cindy sketches a jacket and tells us that they are her favorite thing to make. Benjamin is still over her shoulder. Then, they have this exchange that I find really frustrating, yet is a window into the personalities of Ben and Cindy. Cindy tells him that she feels like he is micromanaging her efforts, at which point he says that he will step back because he is not trying to do that (which is, of course, a lie- he's totally micromanaging); but she keeps on talking to him as if he hasn't just said he'll stop looking over her shoulder. For some reason, that makes me crazy. She continues saying that she would like to finish her design without him checking in at every step of the way. Seriously, everything was solved a full minute before she finished talking. Benjamin interviews that he has been very successful as a designer working for fancy folks in London. Shit, guy, Cindy is still talking. It's like she's some sort of robot who has been fed a script and it has nothing to do with outside stimuli. She says that she does not have the same experience as he does, but she needs to get her point-of-view across to the judges. I guess when you work with dead people most of the time urgency isn't really that key to your success, but Sister Christmas spit it the fuck out! Benjamin says that he is just trying to be there as a support for Cindy. Michelle agrees that Cindy is being too sensitive. She herself enjoys his input.

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