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Tim arrives to take everyone to Mood. Each team has a budget of $500 and thirty minutes to shop. Amanda says that Team Keeping It Real doesn't have a solid idea yet. Daniel decides to team up with Layana and he explains in an interview that the judges had some problems with her look in the first challenge. He remembers Heidi saying that you are only as strong as your weakest link, so he's going to give her his support. Kate and Patricia are going to work together as well. Patricia is worried about having to fight for her design a little bit. Matt thinks it's funny that he is making jeans. Denim is the only fabric he needs. Cindy is getting riled up by Benjamin hovering over her as she is choosing fabrics. I mean, come on. You have to expect that people are going to be involved when their fates are intertwined with yours and you made such a crazy bad outfit before. Seriously, when I think back, if Emily had managed even to finish a little bit more of her look last week, I think Cindy would have gone home. That print has haunted be throughout the week. It looked like pollution. Cindy thinks that maybe Benjamin should be looking after James seeing as he is choosing the ugliest blue fabrics in Mood. Well, she would know from ugly fabrics, wouldn't she? Samantha questions a fabric choice of his and he says that he is fine with it. Then, she says, "I don't really dig that, so I'm like, uh...." I had to listen to that ten times then just turn on my closed captioning to finally understand Samantha. I have to say, you know, don't anybody feel sorry for me, but that is the HARDEST part about recapping a reality show. If you're on, say, Revenge and you slur your words, they are either going to fire you or reshoot the scene after you've gone to a voice coach. Every single episode on this show there is some moment where I'm like, "What in name of all that is Marc Jacobs did that woman just say?"

Joseph says that he thinks it's a good idea to use polka dots on the uniforms for the guys. Richard warns him away from that idea, which is probably a good think. Joseph is super odd and reminds me of a rangy art Brooklyn version of Stanford from Sex and the City

. I feel this so strongly that I wonder if maybe I have already written that more than once. If so, it's because I really mean it. He interviews that he wished he could do something unconventional. He says that he has a business where he takes old sweaters and spray paints cats onto them. They are very popular. He has sold about a thousand at $78 a pop. Project Runway does us the courtesy of showing us that the total of that would be $78,000. And, they show their work. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a dig on Sanford or not, like, "Wow, you sold a THOUSAND? That's only $78,000. Loser." Joseph lets himself be toned down by Richard though.

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