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Benjamin tells his team that he has worked in a high-end restaurant as a host and he has done uniforms for that restaurant. So, he's GOT this. Obviously, none of the other people on his team have done anything similar at all, because no one thinks to ask the question, "Where? Just so I can Google that when this whole thing is done." Some people say high-end when they mean self-serious or popular or even expensive, in regards to restaurants. A restaurant being high-end is actually fairly clinical. There are specific things that are sort of required. That being said, SPiN may be scene-y but it is not high-end. You're eating turkey wraps on sofas while drunk people are playing ping-pong. Those people playing may be gorgeous models or dudes on SNL, but that doesn't make it high-end. And, there. I've given it to you, a condensed version of what I've really learned in NYC as a struggling artist. How to identify a high-end restaurant. I couldn't be sadder. Benjamin explains that he is a natural-born leader, but he's conscious of when that leadership is welcome or not. He's going to trust his intuition and hopefully not step on any toes. The mannequins are like, "Could someone turn the lights on? Oh, you're worried about washing out Powder over there? Fine." And, hold the phone, James is wearing some seriously jacked jeans. Black and white tie-dye? No.

After their training test, Tim asks them how it was and Patricia says that she got fired. Brandon smiles. That's going to be the name of my next album. Tim tells them that they will have a half-hour to meet as teams and sketch, then he sets them free. Team Keeping It Real begins and Kate suggests that they sketch then discuss, so that they will have the purest ideas on the table. She interviews that this is the first time that the teamwork element has really come into play, since they have to collaborate as eight designers on five looks. The team presents their ideas and they sort of "yea" and "nay" as they go along.

Dream Team is divvying up the responsibilities and Cindy reminds everyone that the ball boy said that they like to wear jeans. Matt says that he will make the pants. He interviews that he started his career in the dance world, then moved to painting and now he is in fashion design. So, he says that he has an artist's heart. Well, he better give that back. He says that he responds to music and pop culture and street culture. Designing a uniform is none of those things, so he's not inspired. Therefore, he chooses the boring pants to make, just so he can help out. Cindy is going to make a jacket and suggests that someone else make a top to go with it, because she doesn't think the one that she would make would be sexy enough. Benjamin says that he will make them, then sort of puts his hand on Cindy's shoulder in a way that suggests to me that he was trying to tell her to shut up because HE is the born leader on this team. It's funny how people confuse being born a leader with being a bossy person or a know-it-all. You can't really lead without the cooperation of others, otherwise you are just marching along by yourself. People have to decide for themselves whether to follow you or not. Right now, I'm wondering if only the television-viewing audience is privy to Benjamin's skills as a "born leader." James explains what part of the project he is taking on and Cindy asks him if he will have time for all of that. He seems really confident. He interviews that, especially since he's doing the menswear portion, this will be a breeze. The mannequins are like, "Dude, what's with the hands? You landing a plane over there?" You see, James was using his hands a lot during the interview. The mannequins are sensitive to overt displays of arms.

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