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Brandon says that the uniforms at SPiN are currently lacking. He holds up a simple drab t-shirt with the club's logo on the front. They're looking to change them. Tim says that the challenge is to create new SPiN server and ball boy uniforms. They need to be fashionable, fun and upbeat. Michelle says that she is looking forward to this challenge. Brandon reminds them that their slogan is "balls are our business." I like hearing him say that. Patricia apparently does as well. Her eyes grow to the size of saucers. Brandon says that they would like for the ball boy uniform to incorporate the slogan. Tim adds that each team will create five looks. There will be three female models and two male models. Michelle goes "Ooh," which frankly makes me like her a little. I feel like she's trying to lead a lot with personality and it feels a little forced, but this little moment feels organic and, frankly, if I were on Project Runway, I would think that handling a model you were attracted to would be one of the perks, especially when their business is balls. God, that's creepy, but I KNOW I'm not the only one who feels that way. Everyone starts laughing at Michelle's outburst and she laughs and fans herself and says sorry. Each team will have a budget of $500 and a day to finish the challenge. Brandon, who I imagine wears sunglasses indoors a lot and yet I don't hate him -- I mean, some people can just own that, says that the winning designs will be used in their locations across the country. Well, that sounds like fun. Samantha thinks that having your design at Susan Sarandon's club would be a great ad for them as designers.

Then, things get weird. Brandon "thinks" that it would be a good idea for the designers to work at the club before they design the uniforms. I guess there is something useful about that. Tu explains that his parents own a restaurant, so he should be pretty good at this, right? The first thing we see is him dropping beers on the floor. Then, he interviews that this is a little bit different. The ball boys go around and retrieve the ping pong balls that are no longer in play. Amanda finds the work rigorous and announces that she is glistening. Joseph or Joe -- I'm not sure what we're supposed to call him yet -- says that it's important for them to work there so that they can see what the needs of the uniforms are. The mannequins are like, "This ain't the DMV- why is your entire name on the bottom of the screen? What do we CALL you?" We see the designers asking the employees some questions about their uniforms. One girl is really noncommittal about whether or not she likes blazers. Shady. One girl tells Benjamin that the important thing for skirts is that they be long enough to hide their balls, even though that is their business. Amanda asks a guy if he would like a button-down and he says no. However, he looks like he probably would like the current uniform more than anything so why are we even asking him what he likes? There's a really quick shot of some more spillage and then we're done with this little exercise.

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