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In the other dude apartment, James says that Richard told him that he needs to just move on and forget about the last challenge. Benjamin agrees with that approach. James interviews that he didn't do so well in the first challenge. His take-away was that he should be more greedy as a team member and just worry about himself. Hmm. What exactly did he do to help others that distracted him from his own, pretty bad, work? Maybe he's just talking about the design aspect? He would go in his own direction and not let the group dictate as much of what he did?

At the runway, Heidi greets all of the designers, wearing slacks and a loose top that really resemble what Amanda made for the challenge last week. She has topped it off with a little tuxedo jacket. It's cute. She congratulates them for making it through the first challenge. She tells them that they will remain in the same teams for this challenge. DOOM MUSIC. Cindy looks around and interviews that she believes her team members are silently panicking. James says that he still likes his team and rationalizes that the weakest link is out. But, that makes you the next weakest link. Not a good position to be in, though I guess it's better to be confident in these situations than not. Stanley, who is rocking a bit of an early-'80s art school look that is the jam, says that he is confident with his team and feels that it is stocked with some really good designers. She reminds Dream Team that they only have seven designers because they lost one in the last challenge. Thanks for that, Heidi.

Then, accompanied by some super jazzy music, Heidi says that she hopes the designers are ready for the next challenge, because it's going to be a "ball." Amanda interviews her guesses- ball gown or athletic wear. She thinks that both would really suck. The mannequins behind her are like, "It's only just begun, Mandy. Get used to things sucking. Also, get used to bags under your eyes and borderline IBS. This fun house only gets funner." Heidi says that Tim and a guest will meet them at 23rd Street and Park Avenue to give them the details. She wishes them luck and tells them that she will see them back on the runway.

Next, we see the designers at Spin New York. OK, this is gonna be fun. That's the ping-pong place. This hottie standing with Tim identified as Brandon Hirsch, General Manager of SPiN NYC (somebody got money for thinking of the little "i"), says that they are the preeminent ping-pong social club in the city and they are taking over America. So, this is some sort of alien invasion. And, fashion designers are supposed to save us. We're doomed. We see footage of people playing ping-pong at the club, including a leggy model in a super-chic ensemble. Frankly, she looks ridiculous. There's a DJ. Of course there's a DJ. Tim VO's that SPiN is the newest concept in nightlife, dining and entertainment. It's owned by Susan Sarandon (and her super young cute boyfriend) and Tim says that it attracts a lot of "A-listers". Daniel thinks that the idea of ping-pong social clubs is outside of the norm and jokes that they only have guns in Texas. Well, he's from Austin and if these guys are taking over America, my bet is that Austin would at least be like the third or fourth market that they would try to break into, with Seattle, San Francisco and Portland. At least, those seem like the most intuitive places to me.

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