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Dream Team comes out with the bottom three looks. They are James, Cindy and Benjamin and Matt and Benjamin. What? Lame. Matt's was awesome. James goes into this weird description of consumer science where he says that a consumer has to see something nine times before they will buy it, which somehow explains the placement of the logo on his look. Huh? Nina's eyes bug out when he's talking about it, because, really. Seriously. What? You don't really need to be branded if you are already at the place, right? Unless you were kidnapped and brought there and you didn't know where you were. Nina hates the length of the pants. She thinks he looks like a cabana boy. Susan thinks that it's a nice outfit, but nothing about it says that he's a server. Heidi has a problem with it being a tank top that would reveal his armpit hair. That's not as bad as Heidi talking about armpit hair though. Heidi tells Cindy and Benjamin that their look belongs at the reception desk of a hotel in the suburbs. Benjamin says that her comment breaks his heart. Cindy says that they were trying to dress up a sporty place and Zac says that they did that, it just wasn't appropriate. Nina thinks that it looks like it came from a dated catalog. Benjamin offers that, because he stretched himself thin trying to be a leader, he compromised himself as a designer. I can't tell if he's trying to let himself off of the hook or if he's putting himself on the chopping block there. I almost feel like he's being a little noble.

Heidi asks Matt, the model in the kilt, how he likes wearing a "skirt." Seriously? He says that it's nice and breezy. Matt, the designer, explains that basic jeans didn't feel expressive enough, so he took the slogan literally and made a free-balling outfit. Susan says that her "guys" wouldn't wear a skirt. Seriously, who are these dudes? Are they straight off the bus from a wrestling meet in Omaha? It's not even that freaking wild for New York. Susan does say that the idea is "ballsy" though. This gets a big laugh from everyone. Zac thinks that there is too much going on. The frenetic design from the logo on a mesh overlay, the slogan on a little pouch right over the model's own pouch, which I guess is a little inappropriate. I just didn't realize how serious ping-pong is. Nina says that she loves when the designers are provocative, but he had a client that he needed to please for this challenge. Matt explains that he feels like he is more of an artist than a commercial designer. Zac very politely explains that fashion is married to commerce, which is why it is not a fine art. Nina thinks that it's sad that the team hasn't been able to balance the more creative designers with the less so.

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