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Benjamin and Cindy's look is next. It's a cute little black tuxedo jacket with three-quarter sleeves and black shorts. Benjamin is really unhappy with the shorts that he made. He feels like crotch is unsightly and that they are boring. They are pretty boring. Cindy agrees that the shorts have some fit problems but she thinks the look is upbeat and high-end. I kind of like the jacket. Matt's kilt is next and it's super cute. The model is really working it, which Matt loves. He's wearing the top that Benjamin originally planned for a companion to Cindy's jacket and I think it's really cute. There's a chaotic line design on the front of it and it's loose and kind of unstructured. Benjamin is not sure about the top, but he thinks that guys in kilts are fun and edgy. Amanda says that she didn't understand some looks on Dream Team.

Team Keeping It Real is next. We first see Layana and Daniel's look. It's for a waitress and it's a long-sleeved white top covered by an interesting vest that has all sorts of graphic cuts in the lapel and a racer back. That's Daniel's esoteric ping-pong ball trajectory stuff. The shorts are more skort, with a built-in apron in the front. The model looks so cute and acts like she's ready to take an order when she reaches the end of the runway. Layana is very happy with it. Stanley's guy look is next and he made a loose black short-sleeved sweatshirt and drop-crotch pants. They're pretty cool and young. He's happy with the look. Patricia and Kate's look is next. The black leggings are now covered by a tight black skirt and there are shiny strips of black across it. The top is a lavender halter deal that exposes a lot of the back. It's cute though it won't look good on everyone. Kate thinks the girl looks like she's going to yoga. I could see a waitress wearing this though. It's maybe a touch austere. Amanda's little black dress is next. It as square straps and there's a lot of movement in the skirt. It's adorable and very short. The ball boy look is next and it's awesome. It's a t-shirt with white starting and the chest and up, black on the bottom. The logo is on the chest. The pants have large pockets that also sport the slogan. The model is wearing the harness, which has thin straps. It looks like a tiny bow-and-arrow harness. I freaking love this. Susan says aloud that she loves this one. Michelle says that the team has some real clunkers, so she thinks that it's going to be a close contest.

After the show, Heidi tells Team Keeping It Real that they are the winning team again. Dream Team leaves the runway, while the judges talk to the non-losers. Backstage, James says that he feels that they could have worked as a team better. Onstage, the three top looks return. They are Daniel and Layana's, Stanley's and Richard and Joe's (they apparently call him Joe- though we see his freaking driver's license complete Christian name every time he speaks). Layana explains that SPiN seemed young, so she thought shorts. Also, the waitresses at the club said they wanted to look sexy, for tips. Daniel explains his crazy ping-pong vest once more. Zac says that he likes the formality they gave to the t-shirt under the vest, though he thinks there are some balance issues. Heidi likes that the girl isn't too sexy, because she doesn't want to compete with the waitress when she goes out. Nina thinks that it's adorable and very practical. Daniel says that Layana should get immunity if they win. Nina thinks that Stanley's look is futuristic and retro at the same time. Susan says that "the guys" would like wearing the pants. Apparently, "the guys" are very picky. They weren't so happy with "balls are our business" when she first thought of it. You know those rough and tumble ping-pong guys -- they're very serious about how they represent. Zac doesn't like drop-crotch, but Heidi loves them. Richard says that they made the t-shirt white at the top, because it dimly lit clubs a black t-shirt can look like it's sporting dandruff on the shoulders. Gross but true. Heidi likes that they used the slogan appropriately. She has seen the slogan on the wrong place in some of the designs, though Zac coyly says that maybe it was the right place. Cheeky monkeys everywhere. Balls. Zac likes their uses of the typography on the clothing. Nina thinks that the top three looks work very well together. Nice teamwork. Team Keeping It Real goes backstage and they are so excited to have won again.

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