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Previously: The new season of designers found out that all of their challenges will be team-related. Team Keeping It Real won the challenge. David won the first challenge and was delighted. Emily, James and Cindy were in the bottom and Emily got sent home for sending the most unfinished garment in Project Runway history down the runway.

How embarrassing is it that Emily, the first person ousted, is in the credits saying, "If you work with me, you better be good"? Apparently, they weren't good enough to lift your team's score so that you weren't eligible for elimination. I would be mortified if I had to watch myself say that after I'd been kicked off. The first kicked off. That seems like the nightmare, right? You've left your job and home, probably done your best not to sound a little braggy when you told people you were going to be on Project Runway- or maybe not. What if you employed the humblebrag, where you drop your accomplishment in such a humble way that you are not only covert in dropping your brag ["I look like a hobo in all of my pants because they're too big"- that's a really good one (that's a full-on brag brag)] but are also sort of bragging squared because your humility is impressive as well ("Sometimes, you just want to send regrets to all of the invites and just cuddle up at home with your beautiful life")? Either way, there is no real way to avoid a little shame at being the first eliminated, as far as I can see it.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Matt says that being on the losing team was brutal. He is sorry that Emily left and that no one from their team helped her before it was too late. The guys are gathered around the beds and Daniel offers that at least they know what to expect now. Matt adds that they can learn from the mistakes of others and Daniel tells him that was a good one. I like Daniel. He's peculiar and positive, which is maybe my favorite combination in a person. Sometimes the peculiar turns into crazy, which I'm not so much a fan of, but people who march to the beat of the their own drummer are generally pretty OK by me.

In the ladies' apartment, Cindy is putting on her face and says that she needs to stop feeling like she got run over by a truck and get her head back in the game. Michelle tells her that she wouldn't have been in the bottom if all sixteen designers had been judged separately. She keeps persisting with that logic, much like believing that she would have won the competition if they had all been judged on their own, but it's just not true. Cindy's was certainly one of the bottom three looks. In fact, I think that Michelle's look would have only had a chance at making top three had her team won the challenge. Overall, she was maybe high middle of the pack. But, Cindy's was pretty bad. In fact, the badness of the bottom three designs on the Dream Team were, I believe, what dictated the team placement in the first place. Cindy interviews that the thrill of working on teams is gone. She feels that the other designers see her as the weak link and it makes her nervous.

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