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Who Wears Short Shorts?

Everybody is at Wallkill Airpark in Wallkill, New York. Starting in a tiny local airport is quite a change from the usual Manhattan high-rise. Ken thinks he intimidates people, but they're probably just staring at his bow-tie tattoo. Helen says she's going to rub people the wrong way. She adds, "Sorry, bitches," but I don't think she's really sorry at all. Alexander says that people either love him or hate him. You know the sort of things people say at the beginning of a season.

Heidi and Tim are here, and Heidi points out that it's a "different kind of runway." Ah. A pun. Now it's time for the sixteenth contestant! Helen hopes it isn't Kate, "because she's a total bitch, and I'm pretty sure that we're gonna clash." It is Kate, from Season 11. She wants us to believe that she's a nice person, so we get a few clips of her being mean. She's looking forward to a season that's not all about teamwork. I can imagine! Tim thinks any advantage Kate has will probably even out after a few episodes.

After a quick reminder that Justin is deaf, Heidi says the prize package will be worth over half a million dollars. I would like to see how that breaks down, because I flat don't believe it.

Around then, parachuters jump out of a plane. A plane in the air, I mean. Not on the ground. That wouldn't be very impressive. They take a while to land, and I find the use of "Ride of the Valkyries" a little weird. It's more of a helicopter song. It eats up some time and the designers applaud. The point is that everyone's going to be using parachutes as their materials.

Helen has a hilarious sneer as she says, "I can deal with bugs and, like, blood and snakes and shit, but... I cannot imagine making something decent to look at with this fabric." Other designers are eyeballing particularly bright parachutes.

Heidi counts them off and they all run. Kate falls. Everyone seems a little worried about this. Parachutes aren't pure silk, after all.

In the vans on the way back to Manhattan, Angela tells us about how she used to be in a band, but decided she liked the clothes more than the music. In the other van, Justin says not to worry about him; if he doesn't understand what someone says, he'll tell them. Alexandria used to be a model, and you know what? We just had an entire episode devoted to everyone's backstories.

The workroom! Everyone's excited. Bradon, as you may remember, was a dancer. But he got old, so he had to move on. Miranda was a mechanic in the army, although I don't really see what that has to do with fashion. Helen tells Alexandria that her aesthetic is the polar opposite of what she looks like. There's a lot of hugging going on. Timothy knows Miranda from Milwaukee and she thinks he has "quite an ego."

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