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Victor is wearing a suit covered in shiny bits. It's incredible, but also stupid. And he's wearing kneepants with sock garters. This guy is trying so hard it can be seen from space. But that's beside the point. The designers have been sent to Jay-Z's club, the 40/40. There are nine signature cocktails: Le Exotique, Tiger Eye, The Rose, Spotted Plum, Hemmingway, Summer, Sardinia, The Sunset and Strawberry Fields. Note that "Hemmingway" is not spelled like Ernest Hemingway, although I bet it's supposed to be. Alyssa explains that the "cocktail architect" (...seriously) will make them drinks, and then the designers will be required to be inspired to make cocktail dresses.

Mychael gets a Spotted Plum and the idea is that each person selects the next person to choose by toasting to them. There are plums in it. Korto takes Summer, which features candied ginger on the rim. Jeffrey wants a "virgin version" of Le Exotique, which has passion fruit and anise. Christopher gets The Rose, which is red. Viktor fans himself as he orders a Tiger Eye and gets giddy at the prospect of tequila. Elena's Sardinia does not have any alcohol in it at all. It's basically a strawberry lemonade with fennel added. Melissa gets the Sunset, which is watermelon-based. Seth Aaron takes the Hemingway, which is spelled correctly on the television even though the bar screwed it up. And Irina gets the Strawberry Fields, and she insists that going last means everyone's afraid of you. Everybody starts drinking and sketching. Viktor claims his drink is spicy, which justifies his plan to be sexy. Jeffrey is going to show the judges that he can make a pretty cocktail dress, which seems like a pretty good idea in a cocktail dress challenge.

Mood! They have one day and a hundred dollars, which is not a lot. Most of the designers are taking inspiration from the color of their drinks, which is boring. However, Elena chases Swatch around, which is fun. Christopher gets some lace curtains because he's got some kind of crazy idea. Good for him! I'd rather see somebody go home because they tried something crazy than because they did something boring.

Back to the workroom. Elena is insisting on talking about her Sardinia drink in a silly Italian accent. Viktor offers some comments on her sketch, but then he realizes it's a competition and runs away. Jeffrey tells Christopher that his drink had passion fruit, which made him flash back to Vietnam, where he...once had a drink with fruit in it. Vietnam flashbacks have gotten a lot more tame than they used to be. Melissa feels lucky to be here after being on the bottom twice. Elena has dressed celebrities and wants to win. Shocking! Christopher claims he's making a "more elegant" cocktail dress that you'd see on a red carpet. But he admits that his first try "look like a tablecloth from a banquet hall just wrapped around her." Do better, Christopher!

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