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Justin is grateful that Tim saved him. Well, that makes sense. He promises that he has the passion and the fire to continue. He wasn't sent home for a lack of passion or fire; he was sent home because he made a hot (glue) mess.

The designers assemble at the runway. Heidi walks out, and the camera lingers weirdly on her feet. I mean, I find it weird. If you're into feet, you probably found it long overdue. She says she's sending them to the Marie Claire Fashion Closet, which no one's ever heard of. It's full of shoes, which explains Heidi's weird shoes, which look like they're gold foot-cages.

Alexandria tells us that she hopes this is the hardest challenge ever, because she has immunity. That's an interesting take on the situation! Mostly people just tell us how lucky they feel to have immunity, which is not interesting.

Everyone is whisked away to a giant room full of shoes. If you liked seeing Heidi's shoes earlier, this is blowing your mind. Tim introduces the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire, who cheerfully perpetuates the stereotype that women love shoes. So the point is that this is a shoe challenge. The designers will be inspired by a pair of shoes, which will then be worn by the model. But before anything that straightforward, there's a trivia quiz! There will be a series of questions on fashion history, and whoever buzzes in first with the correct answer gets to choose their shoes first. Ken is a little concerned, because as a self-taught designer, he missed out on the extensive historical grounding he assumes that all educated designers must have. Everyone's picking from a specific set of shoes. Oh, and Alexandria gets to just go first because she has immunity. She takes some knee-high black gladiator sandals. If you're wondering how sandals can be knee-high, don't blame me. I didn't name them.

The first question is about Christian Louboutin's inspiration for his famous red soles. Ken gets it right (it was an employee's nail polish), and he's promptly kind of smug about all these so-called educated designers not knowing their history. He takes a short pair of gladiator sandals. Jeremy knows that Dior introduced the full-skirted silhouette known as the New Look. He takes some dominatrix boots. Karen identifies Marc Jacobs's design school as Parsons, and she takes some pink-and-yellow strappy high heels. Helen recognizes Jessica Simpson as having been called "Fashion's Billion Dollar Baby" by Women's Wear Daily and goes with some black shoes with studs all over the toes.

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