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Previously: The designers got to design their own textiles. Emilio won the challenge and Maya came in second, which really bothered her. Anthony, having created yet another basic cocktail dress silhouette, was out. Jonathan didn't choose my girl Cerri for his model and she was ultimately out of the competition.

It's morning at the Atlas building and Seth Aaron and Jay are having coffee. They remark that it's quieter without Anthony around. Seth Aaron says that, without Anthony, they will missing "a lot of chatter, a lot of singing, a lot of jacked-up bullshit." Hmm. Then, because perhaps he realized that, despite stupid competitive reality show rules dictating that you always spit on the carcass of the recently departed, it's just plain rude and worthless to talk shit about Anthony, Seth Aaron adds that all of those things that they will be missing mean that they will be missing "a lot of fun." Nice cover. Emilio finds a way to do both, condescendingly noting in an interview that Anthony had "an amazing run." He says that people had written him off and he showed more than people thought he could. All that's true, but there's still an undertone of "he never stood a chance against me."

Jay says that, with only six designers remaining, the competition is getting intense. In the girls' apartment, Maya tells Mila that her toast is ready. Mila remembers that the judges were kind of brutal to everyone in the last challenge, so she's feeling very nervous. But, she notes that her age and experience have taught her that she just needs to brush herself off and move on. That and ONLY THAT is what I'm really looking forward to perhaps feeling one day with advancing age. So far, my age and experience have taught me to respond to anxiety with the fetal position and gin. Maya interviews that she's proud to be the youngest person in the competition, but she's starting to feel insecure about her lack of experience. She adds that she guesses she hasn't seen anything yet, which, OK, I guess.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She says that it's getting harder and harder for the judges to decide who will go home each week. More than ever, it's important that their designs set them apart from the other designers. For this challenge, she tells them that they will be designing for a celebrity. This celebrity has a reputation for being opinionated and knowing what "they" want. Seth Aaron lets out a little groan. She adds that she's glad that she's not in the designers' shoes. Tim will be giving them the details in the workroom. And, she's off. Seth Aaron interviews that he would be "making shit up" if he said he wasn't nervous. Jay says that they are all excited.

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