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Previously:The designers made a group of burly classic rockers look like characters from a basic cable children's show. Seared on my brain. Olivier was sent home to think about whether or not he wants to live on the planet or perhaps amongst a group of perfectly proportional robots or pillows or something.

It is so getting down to the line now. The designers have their obligatory -- I'll miss him/her but this is a competition so they can rot in hell -- moment, then it's off to Parson's. Heidi also points out how the group is dwindling. She asks if anyone is surprised that they are still there and Bert raises his hand, which makes everyone laugh. Heidi says that confidence is important. Bert says that he's confident but still surprised. That's pretty honest, no? Laura interviews that everyone there knows how to construct clothing now, so succeeding in a challenge is about having good trips to Mood and a good taste level. There is nothing untrue about that statement, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about how smug Laura seems most of the time. Heidi says that, for their next challenge, they are going to need to look to the past for inspiration. Everyone kind of feigns interest. In fact, there's an blanket of fatigue over this whole thing, even Heidi. They all seem exhausted. They are sent to the workroom to meet with Tim and a special guest. From the past? Crossing my fingers for Anne Boleyn.

The designers find Tim in the workroom with Heather Archibald, head apparel buyer at Heather is real pretty and appears to be one of those people that really has their shiz together. Right off the bat, Tim tells the designers that the winning design will be manufactured and sold on Everybody is super excited about that. Heather tells the designers that piperlime customers are very trend focused and one of the trends for Fall that they've been focusing on is the revival of the Sophisticated '70s. I guess those existed. Anthony is not excited. The rocker challenge was sort of '70s adjacent as well and that was a complete disaster. Oh what a disaster. I'm still haunted. Heather lists wide-legged trousers and silky tie-front blouses as '70s looks that are making a resurgence. Heather thinks that the '70s woman was strong and feminine. Tim tells the designers that dossiers of '70s looks will be provided for them. He reminds them that this is a SOPHISTICATED '70s look that they are trying to create, not vintage or retro. He reminds them about how the last challenge went. Tim, seriously, there is no way any of us can ever forget that. Bert asks Heather how they feel about prints and she says that consumers really respond to prints and scale on They will have 30 minutes to sketch, then it's off to Mood.

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