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Tu admits that his sewing was poor. His client says that he understood what she wanted but she was disappointed that he didn't have enough time t finish it properly. Tu says that he has never designed for a mature lady before and Joan tells him that he doesn't have a fucking clue in hell who he is designing for. Big laughs from everyone including Tu. Melissa asks Kate how much she helped and she said she only really had ten minutes to help. About her own dress, she explains that she tried to give her client an hourglass. Joan says that she is as happy as John Travolta in a massage parlor. Heidi likes Kate's look and says that she would not be in the bottom if it weren't for Tu. She says that's OK because she thinks the two of them work really well together. That's sweet. She says that Tu is the first person to show her respect in the competition. Wow.

The judges confer. Backstage, Benjamin tells how Heidi hated his look. Amanda starts crying and says that she is going home. Luckily, the clients are not there. The designers return to the stage. Stanley won the challenge! Richard is safe too. Daniel and Samantha are in. Kate and Tu are in. That leaves Amanda and Benjamin. Amanda whispers, "Sorry" to Benjamin. Benjamin is...out. Amanda starts crying. I mean, this is her fault, right? That really sucks. I feel bad for him. He seems shocked. He interviews that he thinks that the wrong choice was made. I would agree with that assessment. He decides to be graceful about the whole thing.

Tim tells everyone that this means it's going to be anyone's game. He hugs Benjamin and sends him away. He says that he wishes he could have shown more, but there's a whole other life after this.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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