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Samantha/Daniel and Stanley/Richard have the high scores. The losers leave the stage for a moment. Daniel explains that he wanted to create something his client could wear on a cruise. She says that she feels hip. Heidi commends him for the personal flourishes that he put on the outfit. Nina welcomes him back to the good side. Joan tells her that she looks like a first wife and she would rather see her look like a GILF (Grandma I'd Like To Freak). Samantha explains that her client loves leopard, her weight loss and her tattoos. Joan calls her a "menopausal kitten." Heidi doesn't love the dress. Nina thinks that the dress is too "princess."

Stanley says he wanted to accentuate his model's elegance. Heidi thinks that the pants are too short. Also, she thinks the crotch area is not perfect. Joan thinks that this lady looks like a second wife. Bingo! Richard says that he wanted his client to be comfortable. She says she feels sexy. Joan likes that it shows her legs. Richard explains that she was reticent about showing so much leg and Joan says that she was wrong. "You've got great knees, bitch. So show them." Man, I love her. Heidi says that she would love to wear this dress. Nina likes the idea, but thinks that it drowns the client. Rachel thinks that it's the most youthful design shown on the runway for this challenge and she thinks Richard's client looks beautiful.

The losers return. Amanda says that she thought her print was appropriate for an artist, like her client. The poor lady says that she likes the dress. Rachel likes the idea of the print for the artist, but everything else is horrible. Joan says it's wrong too. Heidi asks about the back and the weird sewing and Amanda says she was trying to make the dress kick out and be fitted. Wrong. Nina thinks that it is not dignified. She's right. Holly says that she feels like a princess. Heidi says that it looks too tight. She says that she moves comfortably in it, but Heidi says that it doesn't look like she does. Holly says that she's sorry about that, which breaks my heart. Heidi says that it's all Benjamin's fault. Really? It doesn't look that bad. Nina thinks that he tried to manipulate the fabric too much. Joan says that she looks like she's hiding the Liberty Bell under her dress. Holly- so adorable- says that she accepts their criticism but refuses to blame Benjamin.

Amanda says that she felt good about her input into Ben's look, but she thinks she could have used more of his assistance. Is she blaming him? I can't tell. I can't tell what he's doing with his reply either.

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