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Tu's dress is next and Kate tells him that it looks so good. It's a dark green wrap dress, with a brown belt. Tu likes the design, but thinks that the sewing is so bad that it makes the dress look rather confused. That is sadly kind of exactly right. He is not confident with his safety.

Kate's girl comes out and she's wearing a floral print skirt with a white background and a dark blue top that is fitted. I see what Tim meant about the different colors cutting the model in half. That said, the pieces are very thoughtfully made and the model seems very happy in them. I'm not sure how much you would want to have your top fitted when you are starting to maybe have a few problems with your posture, but I feel like an asshole saying that. I'm just thinking about what I usually see women of a certain age wear. I like to look and think, WWBWW (What Would Barbara Walters Wear)? This looks a bit tight for Babs and you know she'd play ball.

Here's Samantha's lady. She's wearing a dress that is very fitted, with a chartreuse Cinderella bodice and a leopard skirt. I mean, I like it because it's incredibly bold and I'm certain that this lady could get away with it. She looks fantastic.

Daniel's look is next and it's a black pantsuit. He made a half sleeve on the jacket and a really interesting asymmetrical collar. There is a blue camisole underneath that I think is very attractive. Daniel loves it.

Oh God, Amanda's dress. She says that she likes the red and green print and, yes, it's nice. She even likes the front of the dress, which she is absolutely wrong about. This dress is a disaster. Honestly, I don't even know what to say. It's like she had to guess at the model's measurements or something. Everything is wrong. She imagined her very wide with a collar bone the size of a quail's. The back is stitched together in ways that suggest maybe she thought the model would have one or two extra limbs. This is so ugly.

Benjamin's look is next and it's very cute. Holly is wearing a knee-length blue dress with a wide collar. She waves to Benjamin on the runway, which makes all of the designers giggle. Yes, the sleeves are tight, but I rather like the fit everywhere else. Benjamin is just happy that she seems happy.

After the show, Heidi tells Layana/Patricia/Michelle that they are safe. She adds that Layana and Michelle got the highest scores from her for the entire show, but because Patricia got the lowest score, they are just safe. She emphasizes this to remind them of how important it is to work as a team. I wish that point would really become a bigger thing. There are so many egos here and you have to really learn how to open your ears and accept criticism. And, maybe, like in the case of Michelle, you have to learn how to be able to give criticism so that it will be heard. Patricia apologizes to them onstage and backstage she apologizes again.

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