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< p>Regarding a commercial: Jennifer Love Hewitt has been on television for what seems like fifteen consecutive years. Have any of these shows been actually successful?

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and asks them how their clients were. Benjamin replies, "Cheeky." That's fun. She introduces the other judges. Rachel Roy is sitting in for Zac Posen and she is just as pretty as him. There's Nina. And the guest judges are Joan Rivers and her assistant Melissa Rivers. It's crazy that they have the same last name. Guys, I love me some Joan Rivers.

The show begins with Michelle's look. The model does some dancing on the runway and it's cute. The dress is this cute red and green print and Michelle is right when she says that it gives her model a perfect hourglass shape. It is incredibly flattering. Also, she's killing it on the runway. So cute.

Next up, we have Layana's look. It's this very modern dress with a swishy skirt that really shows off the gams of her model. The wine color palette that she chose is gorgeous. The styling is great as well. Layana really did this lady a service. She looks fantastic.

Ouch. Here comes Patricia's look. Frankly, the lady looks like she just came off of the Oregon Trail. She's wearing a lovely dark blue skirt in a very elegant fabric, with this tarp-like hide-looking vest/coat/thing on top. It's completely shapeless and thoroughly unflattering. Patricia thinks it looks great, but she is wrong.

Stanley's pantsuit is next. First of all, he's lucky because his model has a ridiculous figure. It's fitted beautifully and there's a little belt at the waistline that is a nice touch. She looks gorgeous. The way things work though, I almost feel like whoever got her would have had an advantage. The judges try to act like they are supposed to be able to design for all shapes, but in circumstances like this I feel like they still reward the designer with the most model-like appearance.

Here we have Richard's dress. I actually really like this, though he may have needed to do something just a little different to not seem to young on the model. I'm not sure, maybe a fabric with just a little more structure. As it is, it's a turquoise dress in what appears to be jersey. It's tunic-like, but there is built-in belting that cinches the waist on one side. It's asymmetrical and modern. I think it's pretty cool and his model looks really appropriate in it. Richard says that he feels like a pageant mom.

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