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The next day, they rush back and all get to work. Tim enters and gives them the usual two hours of hair and make-up. Layana has a problem at the sewing machine but she keeps her wits about her. Amanda is oddly calm too, though she is completely aware that her outfit is a nightmare. She just flat out calls it ugly and says that none of the shapes make any sense. She admits that she has just made one mistake after another. Amanda is an interesting case. It's almost as if her designs happen independently of her. She doesn't have the greatest grasp of what she can do and what she likes. I'm almost wondering if she is in this profession merely because it's different than what her rock star brother does but she can still be famous. I don't know. She doesn't seem that mercenary, but there is something odd and cold about the way she relates to her own creativity.

Patricia tells Layana that she has changed her look in the last moment. Michelle says that she is just screwed. The ladies come back for the show. Benjamin says that he just has to do some hand sewing for the completion of his look. Stanley says that he and Richard are both very high fashion and he is happy with how their looks have turned out. He thinks that the other teams are really sloppy.

All of the ladies look really cute in hair and make-up. It must be really fun to be pampered like that as a special occasion. I try to never put on my own make-up if I can help it. Just like I thought, Holly gets fresh with Scott Patric, hot make-up daddy. She just calls him "big boy" but there's clearly a lot of sexual tension in the room.

Tim gives everyone a fifteen minute call. Richard tells Samantha's client that she's looking very Lady Gaga. As a compliment. She says that she loves it. Tu's client is not happy. She feels like it's making her look heavy. Kate comes in to help and Tu is very thankful. Layana likes Patricia's new creation much better than her original idea, but she doesn't think that it is very innovative. Benjamin is suddenly having a lot of problems. The sleeves are tight and the bodice, which fit perfectly the night before, is now pulling. Don't these ladies know not to eat the night before a show? I would have made her take a shot of whiskey as a diuretic or something, but that's just because I'm a problem solver. Benjamin only has a few minutes before they are to leave, so he is feeling really stressed. Stanley is pushed to the last second as well, which suddenly makes Tim's earlier questioning not so crazy, huh? Amanda is sewing her lady into her dress at the last minute and says that she is mortified. Wow. She is in big trouble.

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