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Daniel says that he's making a classic black suit. Tim challenges him to make it something original. Tim seems happy with Samantha's leopard creation. Then, he moves on to the three girls and calls them "Team Threesome" and, man, this gets a big laugh. Tim seems embarrassed and says that they should keep going. He tells Michelle that, earlier, he saw her dress form with only the top and thought it was really bad, but it's transformed with the skirt on it. Layana says that she has picked a lovely wine color to compliment her client Joan's complexion. Patricia says that she's making a shawl, but Tim says it's a poncho. "It's a poncho-straganza. Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?" You can see how this sitcom is going to be amazing, yes? Patricia says that her work never ends where it started, so she's not terribly worried about it looking bad right now. Michelle complains in an interview that she had no idea Patricia was making this potato sack until Tim was looking at it. OK, isn't it part of their job to look at the other one's work? She can't blame anyone but herself for the lack of teamwork. She's just as much of the problem as Patty is. She says that 90% of Trish's work is crap and she doesn't understand why the judges don't see that. Man, she's so weird and mean about her. It's just not true either. She hasn't sent something bad down the runway yet, really. Michelle insists that Patricia has only made it this far because her team has carried her. Layana says that she doesn't want to lose because of Patricia.

Y'all, this show about preachers' daughters. I don't know. On the one hand, it seems pretty intuitive as far as reality TV series go. On the other hand, can I just die now?

Ben tells Tim that Holly is straight up and down. He tells Ben to keep the momentum that he gained in the last challenge. Amanda says that her look is vintage housecoat and Tim agrees. Or rather, he doesn't disagree.

They all get back to work. Michelle is worried about their team being in the bottom, because the others on her team have gotten good critiques. She thinks that she would be the one to get kicked off. Amanda is still kvetching and Benjamin is worried about what she has to bring to the table as a teammate.

The ladies come in for a fitting and they are all super sweet and nurturing. I think I can see a little apprehension in the face of Amanda's client, but she doesn't say anything. Holly pops Stanley on the ass as she's walking past him and says that she had to do that. New York old ladies are the best. Patricia learns that her teammates were right, her top looks like a bib. She doesn't like anything about this look. Tu has not even finished constructing his look. He can't really fit his lady. Kate decides that she needs to really make sure her look works, so that their team won't be in the bottom.

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