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At the workroom, Kate and Tu get to work. Benjamin recommends that Amanda use a print that she purchased, but it's not working. She designed a structured dress and bought flowy fabric. She feels herself spinning into a dark place, on the next Sometimes The Drain. Samantha starts getting annoyed because Daniel asks her a ton of questions. "Dude, I get it, I'm young, but I don't have all the answers," she interviews. That's the only time you'll hear that sentence. How many times does one say, I have less experience than you, but I don't know everything. Paradox Lost.

Amanda almost starts crying, but Benjamin tells her to focus on the work. Michelle doesn't think that Patricia would listen to her criticism, if she were to give it. I mean, I get that Patricia can be a little forceful when taken to task, but is that how you would defend yourself if asked by the judges why you didn't give more input as a team player? She seemed like she wouldn't take my advice. Bleh. Yeah, hope that works out for you.

Tim shows up to consult. He starts with Richard and Stanley. Richard says that his client, Iris, wants to be comfortable, so he's trying to make something modern and comfortable. Tim says the wide trim that Richard plans to run down the garment helps it. I can't tell if that means that he likes the design or not. It sounds a little like he's lukewarm about the whole thing. In fact, he kind of pauses as he's trying to find words for what the trim will do to the look and Richard offers, "cheapens it?" I guess the ole' hear-one-thing-in-the-workroom-and-another-on-the-runway has happened so many times that you can get a little schizophrenic trying to hear about your looks. Stanley describes his look, but he hasn't cut anything at all. Stanley, who is seriously getting more ornery by the minute, though I have to say he looks so adorable in his buttoned up yellow polo, interviews that, thanks Tim, but he's got this. He knows how to manage his time. You throwing shade at Tim Gunn? I would seriously suggest against that. Shit comes out of the woodwork to punish you when you are shitty to Tim. Who knows what kind of leprosy was visited upon the man who broke Tim Gunn's heart?

Tim thinks that Kate's skirt and top are different seasons. His face is scaring Kate. She doesn't feel like she can get rid of the print. It's the flash in her look. Tim thinks that the muslin mock-up of Tu's design is really ambitious. Tu thanks him, which is effing BRILLIANT. Tim clarifies that he's not sure that Tu has the time to execute this, but Tu says that he is going to "try" to make it work. Oh, Tu. Michelle says that Tu has a very striking aesthetic, but he can't sew for shit. Whatever. Tu assures Tim that he can finish it.

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