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Heidi says that this special challenge will teach them that fashion is timeless. They go to meet Tim at this senior center where people are taking some sort of jazz class. The designers join them and it's really a missed opportunity to embarrass the hell out of these people. Daniel really GOES for it and I have to say that I've never respected him more. Tu doesn't know where he is. I have also never loved him more. It's over way too soon. Tim welcomes the designers. He explains that good fashion is timeless and ageless. The old lady dancers are their models.

I have to take a Tim Gunn moment here. He was on The Biggest Loser this week (MAKEOVER WEEK!!!) and had this really difficult time with this 13-year old boy named Biingo. It was kind of brilliant, which got me and a friend talking. Which led to us creating a sitcom for them, set in a Turkish prison, called something really random like Penny and Dot or Sometimes The Drain. I can't stop thinking about it, thus this little tumor in the midst of a so far healthy recap.

The clients have been randomly assigned to teams and Tim says that the looks don't have to be cohesive. Amanda says that she has never designed for this age bracket. She's nervous about advancing her aesthetic. Everyone gets together with their clients. Benjamin gets this lady named Holly, who he says is a born comedian. Patricia tells her lady that she has been on the top a lot, so she should feel confident. Stanley's lady wants harem pants, but he's not really feeling that. He wants to make a strapless pantsuit with fitted pants. Sounds smashing. Richard's lady says that, as long as it's flattering, she doesn't care what he makes. Samantha's lady loves leopard. She also tells her that she has recently lost 35 pounds. Kate's lady tells her that she should be a slut while she's young. Seriously, she says that. And, she says that she is glad that she was a slut. Kate giggles and keeps it to herself that she is engaged to her high school sweetheart. She can just be a slut with him. Whatever. She's a fashion designer though. When is she ever going to meet a straight man? I know, I'm generalizing.

The designers head off to Mood now. Kate is not really sure what she's going to do, which makes her really nervous. Tu changes his design completely from the time he consulted with his client to the time he's buying fabric. Samantha notes that leopard can go very wrong, but she thinks this will work out. Benjamin is going to make a party dress. Something structured, because that is what Holly wants.

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