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Previously: The designers created looks for Miranda Lambert, country superstar. Matt, our special dancer, lost his way. His self-confidence seemed to crumble and he was eliminated. Richard finally won his first challenge and was thrilled.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and Daniel says how quiet is was that morning without Matt there. Stanley, sans heart, says that it was kind of nice. Oh, he'll miss him, but it was kind of nice. The quiet. Daniel interviews very dramatically that he never wants to be in the bottom three again. Benjamin feels that his confidence has come back to him. Michelle feels like she has been very unlucky in this competition, though she doesn't give any consideration to the idea that her designs just haven't been good enough. She tells Amanda and Layana that they don't know what the production is going to do with her regarding teams, but she's putting it out there AGAIN that she doesn't want to work with Patricia. Yeah, we fucking get it. You can't shut up about it. She says that no one seems to see all of the huge problems with Patricia's designs.

Heidi greets the designers at Parsons and she's got that button bag again. She says that whatever name she draws will be the team that Michelle joins. And, in the hand goes and out comes the name of Patricia. I almost want to see if all of the buttons read Patricia, because it wouldn't be right any other way. Being the two-faced jag that she is, she is like, "Great!" to Patricia's face. Patricia interviews that she loves Michelle's design style and is excited to work with her. OK, you see? Maybe she's not the easiest person to work with but she's respectful and acts from a place of goodwill, I feel. She certainly hasn't been interviewed talking shit about people all of the time like Michelle. THIS is why reunion shows are important, producers! It's the one actual learning moment that can happen. I mean, at this point, do we expect to ever even hear from Season Whatever winner Leeann again? No. It's not the winning that will have a lasting impact, really. But, in this world where everyone is so eager to be the one that everyone else is watching, shouldn't there be at least SOME ramifications for the way you present yourself? I feel like Gretchen was the only person who ever got super slammed for being a bitch and she was really just annoying. This Michelle girl is a shit stirrer. She creates bad feelings. You can just tell. Anyway, she interviews that the judges seem something magical in Patricia and maybe some of that will rub off onto her. Not likely.

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