Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Here's a cute red party dress that is draped and falls right above the knee. It has capped sleeves that almost look like a small cape. It's cute. Here's a short red skirt with lots of detailing matched with a black blouse with a tie at the neck. The blouse has been done a million ties, but the skirt is nice (though that color....)

He gets applause for the next look, which is a small shrug over a red blouse and black slacks. The blouse is draped from the neck with lots of pleating. It's very flattering. The slacks are high-waisted and fitted at the waist. Then, they balloon in a riding pant fashion. They're very nice. Here we have a one-shouldered draped blouse and matching slacks. In tan. Meh.

Up next is an evening dress with a woven bustier that fades into the skirt. Totally gorgeous. Then, we have a gold one-shouldered evening gown. More applause. It's Grecian and like a lot of what you've seen from Rami, but it's very pretty. Here's the evening gown with the antique lace. The lace has been arranged in very interesting geometrical patterns. It's really very beautiful. And, finally, we have Rami's black gown from the last challenge. I still don't have a problem with the panels on the hips. Everyone seems to love it. Rami walks out with his girls and kisses Heather at the end of the runway.

Christian comes out to a lot of applause. He sounds nervous. He thanks everyone for coming and tells them all that they look "fierce." Of course they do. The first girl comes out. She's wearing a full skirt of feathers and a long-sleeved high-necked leather/vinyl top. She's also sporting a wide-brimmed hat. It's making a big statement. Next we have a skinny black pant and a voluminous belted top with a lot of ruffles around the neck. There's a ton of detailing happening on the top, but you can't really see it due to it being black.

Christian says that Victoria Beckham is a style icon of his. Jesus. The next look is a skinny black pant with a black jacket with different detailing, same-ish proportions. Still can't really tell you what the detailing is. Christian says that the clothes in his collection were very him, as well as the showmanship. The next look is a...skinny black pant and a black top. This is also voluminous around the neck with lots of ruffles. The sleeves are transparent and full at the upper arm and fitted cuffs below the elbow. Also belted. I don't mean to sound like the stuff's not good, but we're seeing a lot of the skinny black pant and the voluminous top, which will be the name of my first children's book.

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