Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

The next look is a cute ruffled skirt and a fitted jacket with a tailored waist and cap sleeves. The next look is a sweater with a plunging neckline. The sleeves are made of many rings of fabric, creating a lot of volume. It's super cute. There are black and white horizontal stripes on the front of the sweater. It's matched with a high-waisted skirt with pockets. I like this.

The next look is another fitted jacket, this one with red and gray panels. It is really gorgeous and intricate. Another sweater (?) is next with little oval shaped cutouts below the bust. I didn't know that Jillian was big into sweaters. Next is a super-constructed armor-like sheath, coupled with a short skirt. She might have problems explaining this. It fits the inspiration, but still seems a little out of place.

She gets big applause for the next look, a party dress. It's black and gray, with a high waist and a scoop neck. There is a clear crinoline on top of the skirt with a wide band of silver around the hem. It's really cool and pretty. Another party dress follows. It's a beautiful deep blue color and could give Rami a run for his draping money. It has a plunging neckline and a ruffled skirt. An evening pantsuit is next. It's a take on the earlier green catastrophe, but the bustier works much better here, without those weird sleeves. The pleated slacks are amazing. Jillian comes out with her models and does a curtsy at the end of the runway. Everyone claps for her backstage and Tim says that it could not have gone better.

Commercials. So Bravo is asking who they think should win. I'm guessing folks will go with "audience favorite" Sister Christian.

We're back and Rami takes to the stage. He says that he really believes in his collection and he's celebrating women "which is what it's all about." Yawn. He thanks his family and the show begins. The first look is a party dress not totally draped! In fact, there's a lot of stuff happening here. It has cap sleeves and pleating that starts at the neckline. It has a constructed corseted waist and bubbles a bit in the skirt, courtesy of more pleating. It's a bright blue color.

Next is a chic pantsuit. It's also blue, but a little darker. These blues are not the greatest choice. Here's the veal dress from last week. It actually looks really nice on this model. Next are a pair of bright red slacks and a top that has a tailored satin bodice and billowing fabric for sleeves and the bust line. It's nice except for the color of the slacks. Just not very sophisticated.

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