Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

With 2 hours before the beginning of the show, they all start scrambling and fitting and whatnot. A couple of Christian's models were late. Their teams of dressers were helping them as well. With one hour before the show, the audience starts arriving. We see Laura Bennett! And Andrae!! And Jack with that chef guy! ["Dale! Siiiigh." -- Joe R] Christian is still waiting for a model and he's looking a little frazzled, but still okay considering the circumstances. There's Jay McCarroll. Ew. And Kayne of Many Colors!! Rami is greeted by Fern Mallis, the Senior VP of IMG Fashion. She tells him that he "deserves" to be there. Finally, Christian's model shows up just as Sister is about to mess up her mascara. He bounces back though and the model apologizes.

Nina and Michael takes their places by the runway. And, um, that's Posh Spice sitting next to them. Yes. And, no. Rami reminds us that he's living the dream he's had since he was five. Christian says that this is a make-or-break time, because he needs the prize money from the show to start his business. He hair sprays his do and he's ready to go. Jillian says that she looked at her models all ready to go and though, "I did it." She says that she started to feel a little choked up, but I think she means that relative to her normal dryness. She maybe smiled a little bit or something.

The show is beginning and Heidi takes to the runway. She introduces Nina, Michael (in sunglasses), and Victoria Beckham. Posh gets some huge applause. Jillian enters the runway and tells everyone that she hopes everyone is inspired like she was. And, the show begins.

The first look is a tailored dress with a wide neckline. It's a metallic green color. Underneath the dress is a green hoodie. The model is wearing a fedora and a wide red belt. It's a cute look. The movement at the shoulders is really cool. Next is a short pleated green skirt with a red belt and a red woven scarf.

Here is a black jacket with a ruffled front seam. The trim is gold. There's a high neck that is accentuated by the ruffle. It's matched with tan slacks. The slacks are nothing special, but the jacket is really beautiful. Jillian interviews that she couldn't believe she was watching her own show and she was astounded by what she had done. It's great when you can astound yourself, isn't it?

This next look is a misstep. It's a metallic green dress with off-the-shoulder sleeves of black lace. It has a really short skirt that has that hyper-pleating action that Jillian is so fond of. That's all okay when compared to the bodice, which is all wrong. In keeping with Jillian's armor theme, there are lines over the bust suggesting the shape of flat, off-center boobs. It's just weird. Why would you do that to her chest, Jillian? Let's move on. This is ugly.

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