Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

The next day, with one day remaining before their show, they get to the work in the workroom. Jillian is still bitching about her models. She is annoyed with herself that she didn't have more of a theme in mind. Rami calmly suggests that she call someone and see if they can send some girls. She calls the same guy she called last night, some "Matty" character. She goes through her spiel again and he's totally like, "The show is tomorrow-- you're fucked." She thinks the difference in the heights of her models is going to be a big problem. Rami asks her if she can focus on the positive and she says no. That was kind of rhetorical, Jillian. He was asking you to stop whining. Rami interviews that Jillian can worry too much and it can be annoying.

They meet with Nathaniel from Tresemme. For Christian, they decide to go clean and shiny, with a folded bun that looks feathery-- which will complement his collection. Jillian asks for floaty, bouncy, and perfect. For Rami, the girls are getting clean and modern up-dos.

With 6 hours left in the day, the designers spend more time in the workroom with fittings. Jillian decides to embrace the "diversity" of her models. Lisa and Christian embrace before she leaves her fitting. He tells her to "Be Fierce." Seriously! Stop it! Christian interviews that he is tired of looking at his collection and tweaking it. He's ready for the show.

As they're packing their stuff for the show that will be the next morning, Tim enters the room. He asks everyone to gather round. The designer stand with their arms around each other. Jillian calls Rami "Ramina" again and Christian calls them trannies. It's really a lovely moment. Tim says the order of the show will be Jillian, Rami, then Christian. He says that he doesn't have words to describe how impressed and proud he is. He says that there has never been a season of the show with such a high level of talent shown so consistently. They inspire him. And they all hug!

The next morning, to the strains of the shit's going down music, Christian interviews that they first thing he felt when he woke up was nerves. They head for Bryant Park. They get there before daylight. Rami says that being at Bryant Park during Fashion week is like "standing directly in front of the heartbeat that pumps the bloodstream in the fashion industry in this country." That's a mouthful. They go into the empty tent and are in awe of the place. They all hug. Christian remarks that the runway is really long, perhaps resulting in a 45 minute fashion show. Jillian feels like she is officially part of the fashion industry.

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