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Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

That night, they all exhaustedly crash into their beds. Jillian calls out, "Good night, Ramina," before turning out the lights. The next day, Rami tells us that they will be meeting with Collier Strong to work on the hair/makeup stories for their shows. Christian interviews that he was nervous the day before, but now he is excited for fittings and consultations. Rami asks, "Are you ready, bitches?" And, they're out the door.

Rami and Collier decide that they will emphasize "chiseling" on the face in an attempt to create shadows. Christian decides on pretty lips, strong eyebrows, and no eye makeup. Jillian wants to keep things natural, with a metallic eye for a touch of drama.

At the workroom, they start their fittings. It all looks a little hectic, with lots of models running around. Rami interviews that Christian's collection looks over the top. He thinks that Christian has a lot to learn about designing for women, not just models. Christian would disagree. There are tranny messes and there are models. He designs for models. What's the problem?

We see Lea, who must be walking in Christian's show, and she's trying to negotiate walking in these massively high heals. She's wearing a look of his and bitches about the shoes being uncomfortable. But, then she sits on a sofa while wearing the skirt and Christian's not having it. He interviews that his shoes for the show are amazing and he has not sympathy for Lea, because he "worked it" in the aforementioned shoes in his apartment for a week. They doubled his height. Amazing. He says, "If I can do it, these ladies can do it." At one point, Christian turns away from the camera and Lea points at the shoes and mouths something presumably about how uncomfortable they are. Or how they're stinky from Christian wearing them around his apartment for a whole week. When he says goodbye to Lea, and to Lisa who is also there, he tells them not to be late for the show and not to eat. They are apparently having some blood work done the morning of the show.

Late that night, after all of her fittings are done, Jillian tells Rami that she doesn't like her model choices anymore. She interviews that she wishes she had been more consistent with the look she chose. She calls someone and leaves a message about how she wants to trade one of her girls for some model named Svetlana. Christina interviews that Jillian is indecisive and chose girls of different heights. He mentions that this is her first model casting, but he stills thinks it is all her fault. Which I guess it is.

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