Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Christian interviews that he loves models and will need some really strong, amazing girls for his show. The mannequins are like, "You didn't mention arms. Do they need arms?" Jillian interviews that she has never done a casting-- from this stage on, it's all a first for her. Uh oh. We're all familiar with Jillian and uncertainty. It's about as pretty as Stephen's maid's outfit. God, it seems like forever since that abomination, doesn't it? I'd like to reminisce for a moment about how truly awful that dress was. Done.

At the casting, all three of the designers sit together, while the models show them their walks. Jillian interviews that she will need petite models for her show. Oh, Jillian needs the thin runway models. This is going to be really hard since the fashion world is having their fat model moment. Born too late, Jillian! You're stuck with the size 2 cows. They should have a little pride in themselves, for God's sake. Jillian also informs us that she sometimes has a problem making a decision and sticking with it, prompting the mannequins to query, "Are we on Project Understatement?" Rami says that some of the girls they saw were great and his comments are accompanied by shots of a few presumably "great" models. Then, he says they saw some who were okay, which is accompanied by shots of a few more models. They don't really seem that different to me, but apparently they're only "okay." And some, he says, were tragic. Bingo! They show a shot of a girl who, I swear to all that is holy, is the only person besides me who can imitate the walk of one of the Swans on The Swan Season 1 beauty pageant finale. They were all choreographed at the beginning Swan Parade part and they somehow got out of step and this one girl had to do this galloping/walking-in-place thing to bring it all back together that is maybe the fifth funniest thing I've seen in my whole entire life, and this girl on the TV is doing it right now! How did we not cover The Swan?

Christian's needs from his models? 1) Edgy, 2) Dark skin, 3) Fierce tallness, and 4) Walks for days. So...Forrest Gump with a tan. I can't wait for his show. I wonder if The Swan will make the cut. We see one girl that all three of them love and John Pfeiffer, "Model Casting Director," tells them that she can "really turn it on." I don't mean to diminish the importance of John's job, but they all just said they love her. Do they need to be told that she can turn it on? Is it possible to be one of those models that only auditions well? Next, he'll tell them that she's a brunette and has an affinity for little bottles of champagne with straws and only an eighth grade education. It's like, we GET it, John.

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