Project Runway
Season 4 Finale, Part II

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Season 4 Finale, Part II

Tim approaches Christian and asks to see his collection and it's accompanied by the creepy crazy-shit-is-about-to-happen music. Tell me how to feel, Bravo! Christian begins by saying that he knows that not all of his pieces are wearable or "perfect to wear out." He shows Tim a piece that he had shown him earlier and describes the changes he made to it. Tim acknowledges Christian's exuberance but wonders if some of his work is overdesigned. Christian looks nervous, which is such an odd emotion on him. He almost looks like a completely different person. He interviews that he hasn't changed a lot since his visit with Tim and that Tim was "concerned" for him. Totally declarative comment from Christian but we're still getting the scary music.

Tim tells Christian that he looks nervous and Christian places his hands real Mary Catherine Gallagher-like up snug in his pits and says that he is nervous. Tim asks what happened to the cocky, arrogant Christian. He giggles and says that he doesn't know. "I took a break." Like the Rami thing, Christian is talented enough to be able to say, "I'm effing nervous" and doesn't have to be like "I really stand by my collection. It's really what I intended to say and we'll just have to see how the judges react." I like it so much better this way. He interviews that he needs to win in order to start his business. He says that Jillian's collection is totally innovative and cool, while Rami is a very successful designer. Thinking about how he can compete with them is messing with his head. More of this please!! Aren't we all tired of bullshitters who bullshitted their way onto our TV's who are always "I'm the greatest!" Really, aren't we? I'm so fucking tired of it. If I have to watch these damn reality shows, and Lord knows I can't pull my damn face away from them (I'll watch you soon, Bill Moyers on my DVR. I promise. One day.), I'd really like for people to maybe be a little real. Or at least follow a less predictable model of behavior.

Tim leaves saying that their model casting will begin in 30 minutes. Later, Christian says that he "loves a good skinny Minnie." I'm assuming he's talking about models and is not Milanese. Jillian asks if they are going to fight during the casting. Rami dryly answers that he hopes not. Christian, while wearing a very dramatic hat from his collection, says that he thinks "they" will be expecting his supermodel walk, which he then demonstrates complete with several "bring it back"s and twirls. It's nice to know that, if he doesn't win Project Runway, Christian will have a blazing career sweaters and Christmas tree skirts.

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